Outdoor wear for female shapes

Astrid Wild is a female-founded outdoor brand on a mission to make outdoor life inclusive, attractive, and comfortable for all women. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2019, we’re committed to providing women with high-quality outdoor products that don’t compromise on style or fit and are designed for female shapes in all sizes. Ultimately, we want to inspire women to spend more time in nature. 

Challenging the outdoor norm

The outdoor industry has traditionally been centered around a male-oriented, homogeneous norm. As a result, many women experience a lack of both product offerings and accessibility to the outdoors. We’re here to challenge that and create unparalleled outdoor wear, for female shapes. 

Our first three products were launched in 2019 – the Astrid Outdoor Pants, the Minna Wool Fleece Jacket, and the Aleksandra Merino Short Sleeve. Today we are incredibly proud to see our products worn by women worldwide and to have a dedicated, global  community of female outdoor explorers. 

Read about how it all started here.

For female shapes only

Our clothes are designed to honor and support the female body. We believe women deserve high-quality products that don’t compromise on style or femininity, and fit for all shapes and sizes, and we’re proud to have the largest size range in Europe. 

The best fit is the starting point for all of our products, and our all-female design and product team has more than 40 years of experience working with functional clothing for female shapes.

Together with our community

Astrid Wild is built on women’s wants and needs, and co-created with our community. Our starting point was asking 400 women what they were missing in the outdoor space, and the feedback we got led us to develop our first products. 

We continuously invite our community to collaborate with us. Have a say in what the next product will be here.

With sustainability in mind

Love for nature is the reason for Astrid Wild’s existence, and we want to do our utmost to preserve it. We’ve made numerous decisions to promote sustainability, such as having all of our production in Europe and using a demand-driven production cycle. Read more about our sustainability efforts here.