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Garment Care

Make your icons last

As our aim is to provide you with timeless pieces to wear and love for years to come, we would like to share some easy steps on how to care for your clothing in the best possible way.

We recommend avoiding washing if the clothing is not too dirty. You will save energy and water, and make the garment last longer. Many of our garments use wool which is a natural material that does not require extensive cleaning. Instead, let the product air outside or in a steamy bathroom.

There's also products that help keep clothing fresh without washing. We love the clothing mist made by our friends at Pure Effect that remove odor with the help of active bacterial culture.

If you get a stain, you should consider spot-cleaning the item instead of throwing it in the machine.


All Astrid Wild gear can be washed easily in a washing machine. Make sure to follow the washing labels and instructions for your product carefully, they are designed to optimize the lifespan of your product.

The wool products should be washed in the wool program or hand wash program. The Minna wool fleece products should not be washed by hand (always in the machine).

Use a gentle detergent suited for the fabric of your garment, for example, wool. Close all zippers, so that the zipper teeth won't harm the fabric or other products. 

The merino products must always be put in a washing bag to avoid other garments harming the fabric.

The wool fleeces should preferably be flat-dried.

Ironing & steaming 

We recommend steaming over ironing, as it's gentler for the fabric fibers. Check the care label to see if your product can be ironed and at what temperature. 

Continuous care

Pilling is a natural occurrence amongst products that are made using wool fibers. 

Pills are usually found on the areas of clothing that receive the most abrasion in day-to-day use, such as under the arms, around the collar and cuffs, between the thighs, and on the rear of pants, but can happen anywhere on fabric.

We recommend removing pills carefully with a wool comb or a pilling machine.

You can prevent pilling to occur by using the washer's gentle cycle. The slower agitation and shorter wash cycle will protect your clothes. Also, before washing any garment, turn it inside out. This prevents excessive abrasion to the surface of the fabric from other clothes, zippers, and buttons.

Repair and re-sell

We help repair faulty products or if you need any extra items for your products. Please contact

If you for some reason don’t want to use your product any longer, you can re-sell it through our Facebook Group, “Astrid Wild Pre-Loved”.