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Our story

Spending much time in nature has been a natural part of our lives. A childhood filled with memories from outdoor activities like camping, sailing, skiing, and horse riding has shaped both of our lives from early ages. But it wasn’t until 2018 that the idea of Astrid Wild was born. 

We had quit our jobs to travel the world, hike, surf, and reconnect with nature. But when trying to find the right outdoor wear, we couldn't find products for women like us, that didn't feel that we fit into the stereotypical hiker look. We wanted high-quality, high-performing outdoor garments that not only had the best fit for our female bodies but also wanted to look great when leaving the city.

We first met at a business incubator in Stockholm, Sweden, in early 2019 and soon realized we shared both a love for nature as well as the struggle to find clothing to wear outdoors. That’s when we decided to start Astrid Wild together. This was after knowing each other for one week! 

For us, the idea was to build Astrid Wild with a community-first approach. We knew we wanted to connect with people, build the brand, and engage with our followers and Instagram became the platform where we first introduced the brand. We even asked our followers to help us decide the name.

Astrid Wild’s first three products were launched in October 2019. Our community is still one of the foundations of the brand, we love to co-create and get feedback on current and coming products, and discuss what is needed in the female outdoor space.  

We've grown from two people, into a team of curious, nature-loving women, all passionate about making a difference in the outdoor world. Even though our home base, office, and showroom are in Stockholm, we stay true to our brand and mission, and go on adventures now and then, to test drive our clothes and hang out with our wild friends.

We’re immensely proud to have thousands of women worldwide wearing our products and are so thankful for our community and customers who helped us bring our idea to life. This is only the beginning. 

With Astrid Wild, we hope to empower and inspire all women to live a life connected with nature. 

With love, 

Maria & Jemina