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Women's base layers

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Astrid Wild underställslinne dam i merinoull med hög, rundad hals - Ingrid. Färg SvartLinne dam merinoull Svart
Kortärmad topp dam SvartKortärmad topp dam Svart
Långärmad topp dam GrönLångärmad topp dam Grön
Topp merinoull dam VinrödTopp merinoull dam Vinröd
PopularUnderställ dam hög midja SvartUnderställ dam hög midja Svart
Linne dam merinoull VinrödLinne dam merinoull Vinröd
Långärmad topp dam VinrödLångärmad topp dam Vinröd
Astrid Wild kortärmad underställströja dam i merinoull, varm och andas - Ingrid. Färg SvartTopp merinoull dam Svart
Last chanceTopp merinoull dam GrönTopp merinoull dam Grön
Ulltröja dam VinrödUlltröja dam Vinröd
Underställ dam hög midja GrönUnderställ dam hög midja Grön
Långärmad topp dam SvartLångärmad topp dam Svart
Ingrid Merino Shorts BlackIngrid Merino Shorts Black
Ulltröja dam SvartUlltröja dam Svart
Ulltröja dam GrönUlltröja dam Grön
Underställ dam hög midja VinrödUnderställ dam hög midja Vinröd

We offer women’s base layers and women’s wool tops. They have a feminine, timeless cut making them the perfect companion in the home office as well as in the skiing tracks. Our base layers for women are made from merino wool produced in Sweden. Our customers love the high waist base layer for women with an amazing fit.

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Our wool base layers for women in 100% merino wool have the following details:

  • Warm
  • Stretch
  • Breathable
  • Quick-drying and moisture wicking
  • High waist
  • 100% merino wool
  • From small to large sizes (XXS to 4XL)

Women’s merino wool base layers for all activities

Our women’s merino wool base layers are very versatile and can be used in many different outdoor activities, for example:

  • Women's base layer for skiing
  • Ski base layer womens
  • Women’s snowboarding base layer
  • Women’s wool base layers hiking
  • Women’s base layer for cold weather
  • Women’s base layer for hunting
  • Women’s merino base layer cycling
  • Horse riding base layer for women

Features of our merino wool base layers for women

Our wool base layers women and women’s wool tops are designed to be used when you’re out hiking, skiing or cycling, or when you are at the office or out in town. Our customers love the soft merino wool, high waist and amazing fit base layer for women that we developed with our product-team that consists of only women.

Things to think about when you’re choosing base layers for women:

  • Fit: We have wool tops and 100% merino wool base layers for women in different sizes and fit. Our high waist base layer for women is shaped after the female body, they are flattering and comfy, to give the best comfort when you dress layers on layers.
  • Warmth: It’s important to keep you warm and dry during all your outdoor activities. Our merino wool base layers for women, merino long sleeve base layer and short sleeve base layer in 100% merino wool will keep you warm even in cold temperatures.
  • Breathability: As outdoor activities often entail a lot of movement, it’s important that you choose a merino wool base layer and wool top for women that breathes and regulates after your body temperature. Our base layers for women are made of 100% merino wool, which breathes and keeps you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold. They’re also quick-drying and sweat-wicking.

Plus size base layers for women

Our merino wool base layers for women come in a wide size range (from XXS-3XL). We have comfortable base layers for women if you’re looking for:

  • Plus size base layer women
  • Plus size merino wool base layer women
  • Plus size merino thermals
  • Base layer for women 3XL
  • Base layer pants in merino wool 3XL
  • Women’s wool base layers in large sizes

Frequently asked questions about merino wool base layer for women

What is base layers?

Base layer is a layer of clothing closest to your skin. Base layer keeps you warm but also keeps you dry by absorbing and removing sweat. We offer base layers in 100% merino wool, which makes them extremely warm while having excellent sweat-wicking properties.

Can you wear base layer on its own?

Base layers can be worn on their own. They work well as loungewear indoors or as pajamas. In the outdoors, if you are warm, you often want to remove your fleece or shell jacket and just wear your base layers.

Is merino wool the best base layer?

Merino wool is a great material for base layers as it breathes and regulates your temperature. They’re also quick-drying and sweat-wicking. Our base layers for women are made of 100% merino wool.