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It is very common that our most popular items and colors sell out quite fast. We produce more only when we see items running out, so that we can avoid over production and product waste. However, we also want you to secure the items you desire, so we put items in pre-order before they arrive in stock. 

There are a few things that are good to note when it comes to pre-orders.

Payments and returns:

  • All pre-orders are charged straight away in advance. If you pay with a 'pay later' method, your invoice might expire prior to receiving the product
  • However, you have a full 30 day return right starting from the date the order is shipped
  • You can also always cancel the order any time before it is shipped, if you have a change of heart


  • Pre-order shipping times are notified on the product page, and you can check that before making the pre-order
  • Expected delivery times are (realistic) estimates, but there can always be delays. If there would be meaningful delays from the estimated timetable, we will contact you about the status of the order   

Current pre-orders:

  • Minna Minimalist Fleece Jacket / Burgundy: Expected delivery mid-August