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Amelia Hiking Pants with Adjustable Waist Camel

Sale price2 395 kr
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Our best-selling Amelia Hiking Pants are praised for the combination of functionality and exceptional fit, a result of the comfortable high waist and stretchy, soft fabric, and three leg lengths. The updated version features a waist that can easily be adjusted with a stretchy waistband.

The water-repellent fabric produced in Sweden is 5x as durable as recommended for work wear, meaning you don’t have to worry about dirt, wear and tear. With multiple, practical pockets, these versatile pants are your perfect everyday outdoor pants for city errands, and dog walks as well as hiking mountains.

Vandringsbyxor dam justerbar midja Kamel
Amelia Hiking Pants with Adjustable Waist Camel Sale price2 395 kr

Hiking pants made for women

With key features that enable a perfect fit for women in all shapes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Annette K. (Germany)
Usual size: 46, die Hose fällt etwas kleiner aus.
Size purchased: 46
Fit: Narrow / small
Height (cm): 169
Weight (kg): 86

super stylische Hose, klasse mit den vielen Taschen. Es gibt praktisch nichts vergleichbares in grossen Größen mit so einem modischen Design. Toll ist, dass von der Passform an grösseren Po gedacht wurde und man gleichzeitig die Taille wieder verstellen kann. Auch klasse dass die Hose sehr gut in der Taille sitzt und nicht wie so viele andere Schnitte nach unten rutscht.
Gerne würde ich mir noch eine 2. Hose zulegen die noch richtig für den Hochsommer geeignet ist (etwas luftigerer Stoff) aber für Herbst, Winter und Frühjahr ist sie perfekt.

Eliza (The Netherlands)
Usual size: 48 - 50
Size purchased: 48
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 166
Weight (kg): 110
Size matters

So happy that a hiking pants finally fits! I took it on a testrun in Iceland and it was also great for the quick changing weather. The fabric is ressailant against stains and sticky plantseeds.
The only thing is that the fabric shows a lot. So wear good fitting undergarments and don't put a lot in the pockets. The waistband tends to twist.

Minna S. (Finland)
Usual size: 38/40
Size purchased: 40
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 158
Weight (kg): 60
Very comfortable pants

Very comfortable high waist.
I could have probably gone a size down, but with the adjustable waist it’s not a problem. Now I know I can wear them in winter with an extra layer underneath.

Usual size: 40
Size purchased: 44
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 165
Weight (kg): 85
Nice fit!

The fit ist perfect. I love that you can see the measuring of the product itself and not only the measuring for your own body. That way I could see, that my normal size would have bin too tight on my thighs for my liking, so I ordered two sizes up to get a comfortable loose fit. Thanks to the adjustable waistband the big size still fits at my waist. It's always difficult to find well fitted pants for those with big thighs but small waists.
The material is very soft and has a nice touch. You don't get that plasticy feeling and sound as the legs touch each other when walking. I really like that!

Kerstin H. (Sweden)
Usual size: 42/40
Size purchased: 42
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 184
Weight (kg): 78
Astrid tall black

Like them very much

Lina G. (Sweden)
Usual size: 48/50
Size purchased: 52 Regular
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 175
Underbara byxor!

Underbara som byxor jag använder till skogspromenaderna, stallsysslor och övrig avsutten hästträning! Sitter bra och är bekväma, så glad över mina fina byxor! Fick gå upp en storlek då jag har lite mer mage och lår, men det får jag göra när midjan är mer stadig.

Emilie H. (Iceland)
Usual size: 34
Size purchased: 34
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 160
Weight (kg): 45

It fits true to size. Love the style and the adjustable waist band. Very comfortable! Simply amazing product. Love the big pocket on the thigh which is open on top, because it fits an iphone perfectly, so you can grab it quickly for pictures on your hike!

Maria Z. (Sweden)
Usual size: 46-48
Size purchased: 48
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 160
Wonderful and good fit

This is my second pair of Astrid Wild pants - I also have the Astrid Outdoors pants with lengths - and they fit me really well and I really enjoy the colour. Just like my previous pair which I wear at least once a week, these are a great staple in my wardrobe. I really like the adjustable belt part as my stomach size can really fluctuate and I have a very thin waist in proportion to my hips. I love the pockets, especially the ones closer to the knee and I love how quick they dry if I spill something on them. I have the short version and they still need a very slight adjustment. Last time I got a size 50, but they really started falling off my waist, so I had them taken in. Even in the short size, the inseam was very very long. The quality on these pants is really impressive in terms of fabric, zips and buttons and the design is very careful. Thank you, Astrid Wild!

Malin A. (Sweden)

Amelia Hiking Pants with Adjustable Waist Green

Amanda T.H. (Sweden)
Usual size: 40
Size purchased: 40
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 155
Weight (kg): 57
Härliga byxor!

Älskar den höga midjan som enkelt justeras till perfekt passform. Första vandringsbyxorna jag haft som faktiskt är bekväma och inte nog med det, dom är snygga och praktiska också!