Leaving the Alps and moving to a new country - with Madeleine Kogler

Say hi to Madeleine Kogler, born and raised in the Alps, with whom we had a little chat about moving to another country and what it is like living in the north of Sweden. 

Hi Madeleine! We just love your inspiring Instagram feed and are really curious to learn more about you! Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi everyone! So happy to be part of the Astrid Wild blog. My name is Madeleine, I’m 29 years old and born and raised in Austria, Tyrol. We recently welcomed our new family member Sam who is now 6 months old and are enjoying life in Northern Sweden.

So, you’re from the Alps but currently living in Sweden, what did that journey look like?
Well, the reason why I’m living in Sweden is love. I met my boyfriend a few years ago in an After Ski bar in Austria and a few months later I decided to move to Borås. We had a good time there but quickly realized that we were missing something - mountains!

And where exactly do you live right now?
After having lived in both Tyrol and Borås we figured out that we wanted to live in Sweden but somewhere we’d be able to pursue our hobbies. We thought it was time for a new adventure and always heard people talking very positively about Åre, so we gave it a go.

What was most challenging with moving to another country?
I would say one of the biggest challenges was to learn the language of course. Since Swedish is very close to German it was not very hard to learn the language, however, it takes time. Another thing, which I found a little bit challenging, is finding friends. I think you need good friends in order to feel home at in a place. This too takes some time and effort but I found some really good friends both in Borås and Åre who I am extremely thankful for.

What’s your favorite winter sport activity and why?
Skiing, definitely. Maybe it’s because I grew up skiing and snowboarding and have never done anything else than that every winter. I don’t know but I think it is just heaps of fun to ski powder, to tour ski early in the morning to see the sunrise, explore the backcountry with friends and come home after a whole day outside and enjoy a hot chocolate. All these things are skiing for me.

…sounds fun! Can you give us your best beginner tips?
Have fun! That’s most important I think. Then I’d say good physical shape and strong thighs are a bonus. Also, wear high-quality gear - it’s worth the money and usually lasts longer too.

…and how do you dress to stay warm during that?
Layers. Layering is key. When you’re skiing powder you might get a little warm and sweaty while you will cool down again sitting on the chair lift. Always wear layers so you can take on and off clothing as you need it.

You also have a little baby Sam! Can you give us your best tips for adventuring with a baby during winter?
I’m always scared that he is freezing so I make sure that he is wearing the right clothes. Also, don’t set your ambitions too high. We had a few adventures where we had to abort the mission because it was too windy or too cold for Sam. So listen to your baby's needs and keep in mind that it is fine if you do not achieve everything you planned for a day.

Do you have any favorite mountain tops in the Nordic countries?
Not yet actually. But I really want to see the Sarek National Park in Lappland one day.

How do you like your Minna Wool Fleece Jacket?
I love it. It is so soft and cozy, it kept me warm all autumn long. I was pretty much wearing it every day. 

Thank you so much Madeleine for this cozy and inspiring chat! Be sure to check out and follow her journey on IG. 

All photos are taken from Madeleine's Instagram @madeleinekogler

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