We originate from the wild

Astrid Wild was born from our desire to create unparalleled outdoor wear for female shapes.

Design that allows us, and future generations, to spend more time in the wild. Whether it be in the forests, the mountains, or by the sea.

Nature is where we find inspiration, time for reflection, appreciation, and the energy to live a full life. Welcome to unlock the magic gifts of nature with us!

Founding story

In 2018, we quit our jobs to travel the world. To hike, surf, and reconnect with nature.

When looking for suitable outdoor wear, we couldn't find anything that inspired us in the women’s section, and we felt we didn’t fit into the stereotypical hiker look.

When we started digging into why the offering for women was so limited, we realized the outdoor industry had a history of being focused on men. This is the reason why the majority of brands have more products for men than women.

We were not alone

Speaking with, and listening to hundreds of women made us realize that we’re not the only ones who couldn't find stylish, functional, and properly fitting clothes to wear outdoors.

It’s been taken for granted that it’s not important to look good when you're in nature – we think it goes without saying that clothes should be both well designed, comfortable and flattering. So, we decided to start Astrid Wild.


Nature is for everyone

Astrid Wild was also born out of our desire to broaden the perspective of what an outdoorsy person is.

We are on a mission to enable women to unlock the magical gifts of nature, and our dream is to see women connect with nature on an everyday basis.

Our belief is that a world where women spend time outdoors, will not only lead to improved health and happiness, but also us taking better care of our planet.


By women, for women

After the insight that women were underserved on the outdoor market when it comes to design, fit and sizes – we decided make clothing for women only. 

The great fit and respect for the female shapes is the result of an all-female product and design team.

Astrid Wild is founded and owned by us, Maria & Jemina. A small minority share is owned by the early-stage VC Antler, who enabled us to launch our dream brand.



Sustainability is a mindset that guides all of our decision making, from the products we launch to the materials we use and the people and partners we work with.

The love we hold for nature is the reason we exist, and we want to do our outmost to preserve it.

We commit to continuously learn, adapt, innovate and simply become better in making responsible choices.


Inclusivity & co-creation

Astrid Wild is built on women’s wants and needs, and co-created with you.

Our starting point was asking 400 women what they were missing on the outdoor space, and feedback we got has become a crucial part of our product development process.

We continuously invite our community to collaborate with us. As an outcome, we have extended our size range to include 42 different pants sizes, and tops up to 4XL. Our aim is to make every woman feel included on the outdoor scene.

What do you wanna see next?

Wanna know more about us?


Every now and then we sit down with a girl crush of ours to hear her thoughts about nature. Read the collection of exciting stories on our blog.


Make your voice heard and affect what we’re working on next. This is the place to hang out - outdoor inspo deluxe guaranteed! Check us out at @astridwild_outdoorfashion.


Love letters (and other stuff) can be sent to support@astridwild.com.