Explore the best hiking trails around Gothenburg: A guide with Astrid Wild

Join a guided tour with Astrid Wild and explore 5 lovely hiking trails that take you through the scenic areas of Gothenburg and its surrounding oases. Discover hiking near Gothenburg and enjoy the many trails that offer fantastic experiences for both beginners and experienced hikers.

Delsjö Area

Located just a few kilometers from the center of Gothenburg, the Delsjö area offers an extensive network of hiking trails through forests, and around beautiful lakes such as Delsjön and Stora Delsjön. This area is particularly popular for short walks as well as longer hikes. There is also abundant birdlife and diverse nature, with deciduous forests where oak is common in the western part of the area and mountain ridges dominating in the east. Read more about the Delsjö Area here.


Near Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg, you'll find the beloved Änggårdsbergen. This area, adjacent to Gothenburg's Botanical Gardens, offers a varied landscape with forests, cliffs, and trails perfect for hiking. From the hilltops, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city, making it a perfect spot for both exercise and relaxation. Read more about Änggårdsbergen here

Särö Västerskog

South of Gothenburg lies Särö Västerskog, offering beautiful forest walks near the sea. The area boasts a diversity of flora and fauna to discover along the many paths and hiking trails winding through the forest. Here, those who wish to hike can explore and experience the tranquility of nature with the sound of waves in the background. Read more about Särö Västerskog here.


Located east of Gothenburg, Vättlefjäll offers a dramatic landscape with high cliffs, deep forests, and clear lakes. Vättlefjäll Nature Reserve is one of the largest natural areas in Gothenburg. There are several marked hiking trails to choose from, and the area is perfect for a day hike away from the city, while still being close to Gothenburg. Near Vättlefjäll, Vättlefjällstugan offers various activities for visitors to enjoy. Read more about Vättlefjäll here.

Stora Amundön Circular Trail
Near Gothenburg, you'll find this scenic hiking trail, the Stora Amundön Circular Trail, which takes you around the island and offers fantastic views of the sea and the surrounding archipelago. The trail takes you through varied terrain, including forests, cliffs, and beaches, providing a diverse and interesting hiking experience. The hiking trail is very popular and open year-round, offering beauty in every season. Read more about Stora Amundön Circular Trail here.
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