At Astrid Wild we love wool clothes! Why wool you might wonder?

  • Clothing in wool are perfect for the outdoor life since it’s a natural functional material
  • Wool regulates your temperature by keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot
  • Wool is naturally sweat wicking and keeps both dirt and moisture away
  • Wool is biodegradable and does not consist of microplastics

    Below you can read about our wool clothing for women.

    Wool tops

    We have several variants of wool tops for women, the most popular being the Minna Wool Fleece, which comes in both a vest and a jacket.

    A wool fleece is a great alternative to a knitted wool sweater. A wool fleece is lighter and more practical since both the wool fleece vest and the wool fleece jacket have pockets with zippers.

    Our wool fleeces for women are made from recycled wool fabric from Italy. Old wool garments are used to create new wool yarn. The recycled wool yarn is then mixed with polyamide and elastane to create a new, durable material that lasts for many years.

    Merino wool

    Our wool base layers are made from pure merino wool. The merino wool itself makes the wool base layers the perfect complement to your outdoor wardrobe. Clothing made from merino wool.

    • Are soft and doesn't itch
    • Are elastic and keeps their shape
    • Are self cleaning and doesn't need to be washed very often

    All merino wool used in our clothing is RWS certified (Responsible Wool Standard) and mulesing free. The wool comes from South Africa and Australia, and is knitted by the Swedish wool fabric supplier, Marbäck Tricot.

    Wool base layers

    We offer base layers made from pure merino wool for women, and we have several variants depending on your need of base layers from merino wool.


    Headband in wool

    A headband in wool is probably the best gift you can give yourself in the winter! Our headbands are made from the same cosy, recycled wool mix as the Minna Wool Fleece for women. Since it’s double layer wool fabric, it will keep your ears warm.

    How to wash wool

    This is how to keep your wool clothes for women fresh and clean!

    Since wool is self-cleaning, it seldomly needs washing. Below you will find the most common questions about washing your wool clothing.

    Can you wash wool in the washing machine? Yes you can! Make sure to use the wool wash cycle or wash cycle for delicates. You should not hand wash the Minna Wool Fleece Jacket and vest, only use the washing machine.

    What washing liquid should I use? Use a gentle detergent suited for the fabric of your garment. There are a few alternatives out there better suited for example wool, we love this one.

    Can I wash merino wool in the washing machine? Yes you can wash merino wool but use a wool wash cycle or a wash cycle for delicates.

    What can I do about a wool sweater that shrunk? You can unshrink a wool sweater by putting it in cold water for 1 day. Rinse the garment and let it dry on a flat surface. Meanwhile, you can carefully pull it out in different directions.

    What can I do about my merino wool clothes that got twisted? Since wool is a natural fiber they can move around when they’re washed. The clothes get back their original shape when they are worn as a result of the body heat, but you can also try ironing them at low temperatures or using a steamer.

    Read more about garment care here.

    Keep your wool fresh with this washing liquid - we love this one.

    And keep your clothes beautiful year after year with this pill remover - we love this one from Steamery.