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Astrid Outdoor Pants with Lengths Black

Sale price2 195 kr


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The iconic Astrid Outdoor Pants are loved by our customers for their stylish look, flared legs, and stretchy fabric. The high waist and exceptional fit are carefully constructed for female shapes.

The abrasion-resistant and water-repellent fabric, produced in Sweden, is 5x as durable as recommended for work wear, meaning you don’t have to worry about dirt, wear and tear. The minimalistic design and functionality of these pants make them the perfect choice for seamless transitions from city to nature.

Friluftsbyxor dam hög midja Svart
Astrid Outdoor Pants with Lengths Black Sale price2 195 kr

Customer Reviews

Based on 323 reviews
Rebecca P. (Germany)
Usual size: 44
Size purchased: 44
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 171
Weight (kg): 80
Great fabric quality

The pants are made of amazing fabric. Yes, it's just plastic, but it's well made and tightly woven.

The waist is quite loose on me, which I expected thanks to the sizing chart. But the legs fit nicely.

Overall, a very good pair of hiking pants!

L.v.d.L. (The Netherlands)
Usual size: 40
Size purchased: 40 (tall)
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 184
Weight (kg): 74
It fits like a glove, wow!

I have been looking for ages for outdoor pants that actually fit me. I'm tall (1.84m) and have round hips (104cm), but a small waist (73cm). And with all the low-waist pants out there, not taking into account any hips women might have, I felt like I would never find something that would genuinely fit me.

Then I found Astrid Wild and debated for a long time, because of the price. But I couldn't get the images out of my mind and decided to order one. They blew my mind!!! I put them on and they fit like a glove! They are very comfy, but above all very flattering as well :) The fabric feels sturdy, yet a bit stretchy for comfort.

I never thought I could fall in love with outdoor pants this much <3

E.B.S. (Czechia)
Size purchased: 36 (short model)
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 160
Weight (kg): 50
Adore these pants!

As my title suggests, I absolutely adore these pants. I have use them regularly for hikes and everyday wear. Last year, I wore them almost every day on a trip to Iceland as they are slightly repellent but still easy to breath in.
After having tried several hiking pants across so many brands without luck it made me feel like my body was weird and not the "typical hiking body", I was so relieved to have found the Astrid hiking pants that are highwaisted, can be purchased in a short-model, and makes me feel comfortable and smart while enjoying the outdoors. I am also purchasing the shorts model to make summer hikes an equally good experience.

Thank you so much for sharing your review with us! We are so happy that you've found us. We hope you will continue to enjoy wearing your Astrid pants and you're more than welcome to make a new purchase in the future. ♡

Aurora E. (Sweden)
Usual size: 42
Size purchased: 44
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 173
Weight (kg): 70
Perfect for both outdoor and everyday use

I bought the Astrid Outdoor Pants in black after owning them in camel for a year and them quickly establishing themselves as my favorite pair of pants. They fit great, most pants I wear get really worn out on the inner thigh, but this fabric is really durable. They are great to dress down for a day in the stables for example, or dress up for a day on the town, I use them for both and have received several compliments in both use cases. The black fabric is also properly black, no washed out kind of dark grey. My waist and my hips are different sizes, so I tried to match my hips more than my waist, which I probably could’ve avoided, since the fabric is stretchy enough. But I am very happy with my purchase regardless

So lovely to hear! Thank you so much for sharing your review with us Aurora. ♡

Linnea G. (Sweden)
Usual size: 38
Size purchased: 38
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 175
Weight (kg): 70

Så snygga på och sköna! Älskar dem

Tack för din fina recension Linnea, det gör oss så glada att höra! ♡

Josefina V. (Argentina)
Usual size: 36
Size purchased: small
Fit: Narrow / small
Height (cm): 158
Weight (kg): 48

The fit is amazing, I love them! I wasn't sure about size, they are a bit tight on the up, maybe next time I will try next size, but still they are really comfy.

Thanks for sharing Josefina, so lovely to hear! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with if you have any questions about our sizes or other stuff. ♡

Marie N. (Sweden)
Usual size: L
Size purchased: 48
Fit: Wide / big
Height (cm): 167
Weight (kg): 72
Outdoor pants

Mycket sköna
Bra fickor

Stort tack för din fina recension. ♡

Silje N. (Norway)
Usual size: 40
Size purchased: 40
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 173
Weight (kg): 73
Love, love, love

These pants are the perfect fit. I’ve struggled to find outdoor pants which are high waist, yet stretchy and comfortable. I great fit for women!

Thank you so much for your review, Silje! We are so happy that you like your new Astrid pants. ♡

Magdalena (Sweden)
Usual size: 42
Size purchased: 42
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 165
Weight (kg): 80
Astrid Outdoor Pants

Fantastiska! Jätteskönt material, skönt med så hög midja. Använder dem nästan hela tiden hemma, både inne och ute. Skönt med olika längder.

Vad roligt att höra! Det gör oss så glada, hoppas du får fortsatt stor använding av dem. ♡

Daniela P. (Austria)
Usual size: 40
Size purchased: 42
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 163
Weight (kg): 66

I wanted comfortable pants for everyday use, so I ordered them one size above my usual size, and they fit great. I wear them for walking in the forest, for work, even with more elegant outfit. They have become my favourite pants.

So lovely to hear! Thank you so much for sharing Daniela. ♡