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Article: Sara Rönne – About living a life where you can truly thrive.

Sara Rönne – About living a life where you can truly thrive.

Sara Rönne – About living a life where you can truly thrive.

We chatted with Sara Rönne – outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, marketing manager, content creator, and role model (well, the list could go on). This chica is amazingly kind, inspiring and guiding everyone who’s crossing her path to achieve a lifestyle where you can truly thrive. Keep reading to see how the conversation went. 

For those who never met you, who are you? 
I’m Sara Rönne, and I’ve always wanted a life that I never would need a vacation from. For the past five years or so, that is now my reality. I live in a mountain village called Åre, work as a Marketing Manager and run Sweden’s biggest outdoor and adventure blog I can do my work from wherever I want, which is very important for me.

Sara is wearing the Minna Minimalist Jacket in Navy. 

What's your relationship with nature, has it changed over time?
I never really thought about nature when I lived in the city, however since I moved to Åre I have worked more than ever before. Nature has a clever way of absorbing that overworked feeling and I have also had more time in nature than ever. The time I spend outdoors is my recovery time and it doesn’t really matter what I do. I can run, hike, ski, bike or just sit by a fire. Nature does wonders for my brain, my body and my soul and I think that is pretty cool.

What does life design mean to you? Why do you think that has become important to you? 
I don’t want to spend my life in an office working 9 to 5. I want to do great work yes, but my creativity and my problem solving works best in a conference room without any walls. Hence I do spend some of my office time outside, because that’s when I am performing my best. Studies show that when we are in motion, like when we are out walking, we think better. So, I have promised myself to only work with companies that allow me to work in those settings where I can accomplish my best.

What's your trick to get more time in nature on a daily basis, like how to set up a routine/habit? 
I think of it as ‘power hours’ and I need at least one of those each day. You can apply this to training, but also to outdoor time. It’s already a fact that nature has a good impact on us, so if you want to be better, or feel better – prioritize this time. Schedule it in your calendar. This is your time! Also, we seem to be afraid of bad weather, but don’t let weather stop you. You can only see rainbows after the rain and running in the rain makes you feel alive.

You live in Åre, do you stay there all year round? 
I love to travel and experience new places. This year I have already spent more than five weeks in Lapland, and in May I look forward to going to Gotland to bike some gravel and run by the sea. Having said that, Åre is a playground all year round and the summer season is amazingly beautiful with lots of fun things to do.

Do you think you'll stay in Åre or any other place for the rest of your life, or do you rather see yourself moving around as part of your life design? 
I never make 2, 5 or 10 year plans for myself. All I know is that I want my life to be spiced with two things: Freedom and challenges. I grow from that.

We think you're pretty good with forecasting human behaviour and trends, what do you think is the next big thing?
Right now, I see knowledge as a huge trend and we are getting into the midst of it. Whether it comes to avalanche knowledge or knowing how to light a fire without matches. There is less status to having things – and more status to knowing things. 

Do you have goals or dreams you wanna share with us? 
This year I want to learn how to fly fish, and I really want to take up learning how to kite-surf again. I want to drive further north and put up my rooftop tent as basecamp and spend some days running, hiking, biking, skinny dipping in a remote lake and sitting around the fire just contemplating life.

Thank you so much for the chat, Sara! We now advise all of you who came this far to check out her amazing blog and Instagram channel. It’s a true joy to follow her adventures, and through those discover how to find joy in even the smallest things around us. If you want to dress like Sara, check out the Minna Ullfleece och Amelia Hikingpants.

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