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Article: From the adventures in Survivor to the challenge of renovating a house on your own - with Amanda Eliasson

From the adventures in Survivor to the challenge of renovating a house on your own - with Amanda Eliasson

From the adventures in Survivor to the challenge of renovating a house on your own - with Amanda Eliasson

Say hi to Amanda Eliasson! The fearless babe who volunteered to be the first one competing in this year's Robinson (Swedish version of Survivor), who’s been renovating her own house in Jämtland, all while also running Adventure Stories. Among other things, she tells us what she missed the most during her time in Robinson and she also shares her 5 best Jämtland tips!

Hi Amanda, according to your mom you're a mix between Ronja Rövardotter and Pippi, you’ve got an adopted dog named Byzze and you’re a real pro at carrying really heavy things up mountains. Did we miss anything important?

No, that’s a pretty good perception of me! Being able to carry heavy things up a mountain has a lot to do with all the times I've refused to go more than once!

How have you and your body recovered since Robinson?

It’s been recovering well, it’s amazing to see and understand how a body works through extreme challenges. It still carries me forward and I'm really happy with what it can accomplish!

What was the thing you missed the most during your time in Robinson?

Oh, I missed candy like crazy. I have the biggest sweet tooth and I actually had dreams about saving candy and ice cream in my pockets but I was never allowed to eat it. Torture!

Other than that I was really craving rye bread with smashed avocado, tomatoes, and herbal salt.
It waters my mouth just thinking about it now.

You were the first one to compete in Robinson, how was that??

Oh, it was incredibly nerve-wracking!! I don’t think I really understood what I signed up for, just like with a lot of things in my life, but I just threw myself into it.

It wasn’t until I was on my way up to the place where we were supposed to dive into the water that reality struck, and I remember thinking: Amanda, what on earth are you doing??

What would you say was the biggest challenge during Robinson 2023?

Except for the lack of food, I would definitely say it was the social game. I’ve been talking to previous contestants that I know and they all said the same thing, it really takes a toll on you.
I can usually handle it pretty well but some things that happened definitely surprised me!

Did you leave Robinson with any new insights?

Yes, many! I now have a completely different understanding of people and how we do a lot on instinct.

How’s your relationship with nature? Would you say it's any different now compared to before Robinson?

Absolutely, I already had a good relationship with nature before and I felt really grounded by it, but now I can see and feel the beauty in it on an even deeper level. It’s hard to describe but for me, it feels like I've found a piece of myself that's been buried deep inside.

We know you’re currently renovating your house that's located in a small village in Jämtland, tell us more about that!

My small (big) project. I got the offer to buy my parent’s neighbor's house, which I said yes to, again, without really understanding what it would mean!

The contracts were signed and the plans started to form in my head and just like that I stood there with the keys in my hand thinking: ‘’What do I do now?’’

So I brought all my friends, offered them some drinks and good music and then we started with what we could do, which was tearing down the things that weren't staying.

Once I had done everything I could on my own I got some help from incredible contractors!

They have helped and guided me through how to think and what to do when I feel completely stuck. What's important when choosing floors? How should the spotlights sit in order to make the room like it’s the absolute best?

So many questions that I've been really lucky to get answers to. Now I'm standing here with a house that's 95% finished. I just have a few small details to fix, but all the lists are there and all the walls are painted, which for me is the most important thing!

How well did the Frdrika Linen Shirt work out during Robinson?

The Fredrika shirt has been the most practical garment I could have brought (apart from it being white) because apparently, it’s almost self-cleaning?! It never smelled, and was extremely easy to dry so it never made me cold. Although it couldn't really help me against the monsoon rain..

Amanda in Fredrika shirt size M

How do you like your Minna Wool Fleece and Astrid Outdoor Pants?

The Minna fleece, wow!! I really love it and especially the high neck! The material is really warm and incredibly soft, I could definitely just live in my Minna Fleece!

It might actually be the one garment that I’d bring if I ever did Robinson again! (Sorry Fredrika shirt)

Amanda in Minna Ull Fleecejacka, size L

And the Astrid Pants, look so good and I love the fabric, they’re definitely my go-to pants!
I wear them when I go out to meet people, when I'm out in nature when I'm just having a chill day at home, you name it! I love how they never lose their shape, how they fit me around the waist and the fact that they're high-waisted makes them really comfortable to wear! And the fact that the legs are wide just makes them look really flattering

Amanda in Astrid Outdoor Pants, size 38

5 quick tips about Jämtland:

Best smultronställe (secret spot) in Jämtland?

 Hehe, it would be a secret spot if I shared it! But I think I would say, a really lovely place I like to visit is björnhammarn. It’s an ‘’island’’ that's on my dad's land. The landscape is incredibly beautiful and at the same time a little bit dystopian because in the 60s it used to be only land but now it's been flooded.I would just recommend the area around Håckrendammen, it’s really beautiful and you can see both Anarisfjällen, Åreskutan and some other mountains from there

What’s not to miss if you’re in Jämtland?

Come with us on Adventure Stories on Adventure! Big and small!

Or have a fika at kretsloppshuset, aka ‘’kretsis’’ in Mörsil. It’s so cozy!

Favorite activity to do in Jämtland during summer?

Hiking in the woods and on mountains with my partner in crime (Byzze). Or bike to different bathing places nearby. It can be beaches made of everything from sand to grass, sometimes there are even small waterfalls.

Favorite activity to do in Jämtland during winter, except from Åre?

Bydalen! To do some slow-paced skiing with a lot of beautiful snow, that's quality of life for me. Or, borrow one of my dad's snowmobiles to go up the mountain and find a great place to just sit in the sun. That just might be my favorite, that’s one of the best views I know!

Thank you so much Amanda for taking the time to chat with us! It’s been so interesting to hear everything from Robinson to the renovation of your house! Please follow Amanda on Instagram and if you want to read something similar we recommend this one.

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