Living life in the Alps - with Franziska Stoltzmann

We have had a wonderful time getting to know Franziska Stoltzmann and how its really like to live in the Alps! Thanks for sharing your universe with us.

Hi there Franziska, a mountain-loving sports enthusiast and mother of one, could you tell us a little about yourself and your life?

Hi, thank you so much for asking me to be part of your blog. I feel really honored.

Franziska is wearing the Amelia Hiking pants in black, size 38, regular length
A few years ago, it was just me and my rescued dog Oscar, enjoying our life in the mountains, before I met my boyfriend. I got pregnant after a few months, which we did not plan but… the universe knows why! Because of a tumor I had to put my dog down to sleep, which was the hardest thing for me ever! So now it’s just me and my little family.

My, and now our life is based in a little valley surrounded by nature & the mountains. I love being a mom and I really enjoy showing my 1.5-year-old son Theo the beauty of nature. 

We spend as much time outdoors as we can and we love to do our camper trips to different countries.

I have a feeling that you love the outdoor life, what activity outside is your go-to in your free time? Do you do any outdoor activities with your son yet? 

Absolutely. I prefer a hike over everything, but I also enjoy climbing, snowboarding and, skiing. My son loves to walk, so I often take him on hikes, but mostly he is sitting in his Kraxe and enjoys the view.

What is it about the mountains that are so special to you? Do you think that people who live in the mountains are different from others? 

To me, mountains are my safe place. They remind me of how unimportant so many things are and they just give me peace. They don’t judge, they give me energy and freedom. And they are always there! 

Yes absolutely, I think people who live in the mountains are way more relaxed and not that hectic. I think they enjoy life in a better way.

For all of us Scandinavians who have never visited the Alps before, where would you recommend us to go and why? 

Tough one, there are so many beautiful places. And I’m far away from knowing all of them, but Montafon is definitely worth a visit. If one of you should ever come, please say hi 🤗

5 quick:

Skiing or snowboarding?


Summer or Winter?


Travel or staying at home?


City or nature?


Formal clothing or outdoor clothes?

Outdoor clothes

Franziska is wearing the Minna Fleece in green, size M

What do you think about your Minna Fleece and Amelia pants?

Absolutely love them! I think I’ve never had that comfortable outdoor clothes. I really love wearing the Minna Fleece whenever I can. Shopping, car rides, etc.

Thank you Frani for letting us get to know you! Don't forget to have a look at her Instagram to see all of her amazing pictures in the mountains. If you want to read about another woman who switched her life around, we recommend reading Camilla's story!

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