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Article: A Wild Trip To Winter Wonderland

A Wild Trip To Winter Wonderland

A Wild Trip To Winter Wonderland

Just before Xmas, our snow cravings became way too big, and we gathered a bunch of friends and took off to Sälen. The nice and friendly mountain where so many of us first learned to ski.

Day 1

After some hours of driving and catching up on what everyone has been up to the past months, we checked in at Grandgårdstoppen, the coziest and most convenient house in Sälen. We unpacked, prepped an open fire and stirred up a delicious dinner.

Day 2

After a stormy night in the Cabin with plenty of fresh snow, we woke up to a magical winter wonderland. The snow was heavy on the trees and the sun created a misty backlight over the mountain. A perfect day to go dog sledding with Fjälläventyr, dog papa Ludwig and his furry friends!

Elin is wearing the Brown Minimalist & Black Amelias
Malin is wearing the Camel Minna & Green Amelias
Jemina is wearing the White Minna & Green Astrids
Maria is wearing the Green Minna & Camel Amelias
Wictoria is wearing the Navy Minimalist & Black Astrids

Up and away we went, and during the ride, we visited Storfjällsgraven, where we stopped for some hot chocolate and cuddling with the doggos. And after that, we went back down to the kennel and made some late lunch (warm salad with saffron couscous, kale and apple, so yum!)

We said goodbye to the dog crew, and came back to Grandgårdstoppen just before sunset and decided to make our own little Apres ski. Ofc everyone had their own idea about what that meant – but we could all agree on the dress code: the Ingrid Base Layer set.

Malin is wearing the set in Pink
Wictoria is wearing the set in Green
Elin is wearing the set in Black

After munching on a vegan chili with chocolate and beer, we headed for a relaxing sauna and a good night's sleep. Nothing makes you sleep more like a baby than an adventurous and crispy day in the cold outdoors.

Day 3

When the alarm went off the next day, cross country skiing was on the sched! We got equipped by Dalskidan, professional and high quality gear in Sälen, and we’ve never been more ready for hitting the tracks! And we certainly think we nailed the outfits...

Wictoria is wearing the Camel MinnaGreen Rosas
Malin is wearing the Camel Vest, Pink Ingrid L/S Top & Black Rosas
Elin is wearing the Green Vest, Black Ingrid L/S Top, Brown Minimalist  & Green Amelias 

We spent hours skiing, laughing, stumbling, pausing for a snack and getting back up again. After a full day in the tracks it was time to drive back home. With sore legs and bellies from all the fun & play. We had three amazing days in Sälen, with new, incredible memories to bring back home. Thanks Grandgårdstoppen, Fjälläventyr & Dalskidan for making our stay memorable, and to Malin Fränberg for capturing these moment!Enjoyed this post? Good thing there are more wild adventures just around the corner from this one! Like the one where we went Kayaking under the moon, or tried Cake Bikes – for example.

Until next time, ladies!
Xoxo, Jemina & Maria

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