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Article: Emmas 8-step guide to a great skiing outfit.

Emmas 8-step guide to a great skiing outfit.

Emmas 8-step guide to a great skiing outfit.

Hi friends and family! 

Emma here today - the happy Astrid member, outdoor enthusiast and social media nerd who’s about to give you some great advice and hints before hitting the mountains this season.

Frozen views in Vemdalen.

Winter is coming, which for many equals yearly ski trips and mountain adventures peeking around the corner, together with the dilemma of what to wear and what to bring on your next snow seeking exploration.

I’ve been skiing as long as I can remember, and also been living part-time on a ski-resort. A common question I’ve been receiving multiple times is: How do I dress to stay comfy and warm while skiing?

Fluffy days in Björkliden.

Well, the answers may vary, depending on the destination and level of experience. But, there are some things I’ve learned to always put on my priority-list while packing snow-gear after years of transition between city and slopes.

How to dress in the ski slope

So, what does make a great outfit?
Here comes my personal 8-step guide to a top til’ toe uniform.
(Yep, including underwear.)

Rule number one, layer up!
Rather too hot than too cold, I think we all could agree on that.

1. A sports bra - Save both time and energy by putting on a comfy bra. Due to movement, you might get quite annoyed by bra straps slipping around under all these layers of clothing. You will get sweaty, you will get frustrated, and you will end up ruining your bra. And hey, a pro tip is to wear your most comfy pair of panties along with this!

2. A Merino Wool Base Layer - I highly recommend our Ingrid Merino Wool Base Layers, both Tops & Long Janes. In addition to the dreamy high waist – its natural fiber is both very soft against your skin and allows your body to move freely. It also keeps you warm and dry at the same time as it transports moisture from your body. And, the best thing of all - wool doesn't get smelly!

I am 172 cm tall, wearing our Ingrid Merino Wool Base Layers (Top & Bottom) In Green, size Small.

3. Socks - Make sure to leave your fashionable short cotton socks in the cabin, and put on some knee-high ones. Wool is a good option here too, and don’t layer up – one pair is enough. Ski boots are made to sit tight to give you better stability and control while skiing. A common mistake is putting on too heavy or multiple socks to stay warm. This will rather cause the opposite, as it won't be any air left to heat up within your boots.

4. A neckwarmer - To me, this is essential as it covers your cheeks and chin while preventing cold air from entering your neck and face. Again, wool is perfect as it transfers heat, as you will end up breathing through it.

The Nina Neckwarmer is the perfect accessory to keep your neck and chin warm.

5. A mid-layerFor cold days, I would pick our Minna Wool Fleece Jacket as a mid-layer. Rather use a zip, non-hooded sweater than a pullover. This makes it easier to switch on and off when your temp is changing. It also makes it less bumpy under your jacket. If you want a slimmer, more fitted midlayer I recommend our Ada Wool Fleece. It´s made from a mix of merinowool and Tencel and will keep you warm, comfortable and dry when hitting the slopes. For colder days below zero, my safe card is to use a thin down jacket as an extra layer. Down has an incredible way of reacting with your body heat, keeping you both warm and flexible due to its lightness.

I'm wearing the Minna Wool Fleece Jacket in Camel, size M and the Ada Wool Fleece in Navy, size M.

6. A shell jacket and pants - Completing the outfit with the last, maybe the most important layer, the jacket. Go for a thin and durable jacket with a high collar and hood that is both water repellant and wind resistant while having a great breathing capacity, like our Emma 3L Shell Jacket.

7. Mittens - This might be quite simple. But I prefer a pair of good old lined leather ones. Otherwise something with a GoreTex or similar outer layer. Rather use mittens than gloves - as it keeps your fingers warmer.

8. A beanie - Chose a soft beanie that's a bit thinner than what you usually wear in the city, and avoid those ones with a tassel. This is to keep your helmet tight and right where it should be, at all times.

Uniform done! The only thing left now is the equipment. Helmet, goggles, skis, boots, poles, maybe an avalanche kit if you’re skiing off-piste. But apart from that, your outfit is secured.  

Last but not least, don’t forget the most essential things while skiing – Having fun. Bring a good mood, some good friends and a common sense and respect for nature and its surroundings. Never take our mother earth or your company for granted, and only go down where you feel safe and comfortable. 

Happy riding everyone!

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