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Artikkeli: Sofie Lantto – The woman behind the motto #levförfan

Sofie Lantto – The woman behind the motto #levförfan

Sofie Lantto – The woman behind the motto #levförfan

We had a virtual chat with Sofie Lantto the other day – Art Director, photographer, personal trainer and creator of the hashtag #levförfan. And as usual, when we find these female figures who inspire us – we want to tell the world about them. So, we simply reached out and asked for permission to grab ourselves a piece of her to share with the rest of you!

Hi Sofie! You seem like the ultimate life artist, juggling photography and art direction with numerous outdoor adventures. How do you find all these exciting opportunities, do they come to you or do you go out looking for them?

Both. Wherever I go I try to get out in the nature – and there it is – the exciting opportunities. And the longer I live the more I realize that if you get out every day, be nice to people and they will let you come with them on the most wonderful adventures.Why do you think nature has gotten to play a big role in your life?

I grew up in Swedish Lapland, with the forrest and mountains just outside the door, so it sort of always been my living room. If I have a rough day, I get out and there I always find my problems easier. Nature is real and everything else don’t seems to matter as much as I thought before I went out. I do love that there are more and more studies on how the nature heal us.

How would you describe your relationship to nature and how has that changed over the years?

In my childhood the nature just was there – outside the door. It was nothing, and nowadays I find my self thinking the nature is everything. In ordinary life I can find myself longing for the easy life, just thinking about when to eat and where to sleep. Luxury! And to be alone with my mind – I would say that nature is my meditation, that’s were I find my inspiration and are the happiest.

So... What’s #levförfan?

It's my word for carpe diem - "live good damed". It's a reminder to live every day to the fullest. You never know when it's your last day. I plan to live a long life, but I do live so if I would die tomorrow – I won’t regret anything. But for me it's also a reminder to enjoy and use the senses every day. To enjoy the smell of coffee in the morning, take some deep breaths and taste the air.

What are you dreaming of now?

That the family and I get to be healthy and happy to make adventures. First a lot of skiing this winter and then I'm going to swim, bike and run Ironman Hawaii in October. Im really looking forward to the swim - it seems wonderful.

Do you have any tips & advice to outdoor newbies who don't really know where to start?

Buy a take-away lunch and coffee and go to the nearest forrest. Enjoy! And don’t wait for the perfect weather or day – just do it. Every day out is a good day.

How do you like the Minna Minimalist Wool Fleece Jacket?

I've been living in it for weeks – so me saying that I love it is an understatement. I love the high collar when its cold, the big pockets and the holes for the thumbs.

Thanks for the chat, Sofie! Make sure to follow her account & adventures, and why set the intention to live at least one day by her motto. If you liked this read, we have a whole bunch of inspiring stories waiting for you in our Wild Women Blog!  

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