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We offer shell jackets and outdoor jackets for women, made out of 3-layer water and windproof fabric. The shell jacket has taped seams, numerous practical features and a timeless design, making it your all-round jacket - perfect shell jacket for skiing, hiking or to the city. We offer shell jackets in a large size range for women, from XXS to 4XL.

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Our shell jackets have the following features:

  • Waterproof and windproof
  • 3-layer fabric
  • Recycled polyester
  • Taped seams
  • Several large pockets
  • Zippered ventilations
  • Adjustable hoodie
  • Adjustable waist, bottom and sleeves
  • Generous fit
  • From small to large sizes for women (size range from XXS-4XL)

Women's shell jacket for all activities

Our shell jacket is very versatile and can be used all year round in many different outdoor activities, for example:

  • Shell jacket women for skiing
  • Shell jacket women for hiking
  • Shell jacket for skating
  • Snowboarding jacket for women
  • Hiking jacket for women
  • Sailing jacket for women

Perfect shell jacket for skiing and hiking

Our shell jacket is perfect for all outdoor activities year round, but especially for skiing, snowboarding and hiking. The shell jacket has a generous fit that makes layering easy especially in the winter or otherwise colder weather.

When you are heading to skiing slopes, it’s good to wear multiple layers under the jacket, including a merino wool base layer and a wool fleece. To prevent cold air going inside your neck, and to keep your chin warm, you can wear a neckwarmer, and as a final touch, don’t forget warm socks and gloves. For hiking trips, you can combine the shell jacket with hiking and outdoor pants.

Features in our shell jackets and outdoor jackets for women

  • Waterproof and windproof fabric
  • 3-layer fabric
  • Taped seams
  • Hand pockets
  • Chest pockets
  • Armpit ventilation
  • Adjustable hoodie for ski or biking helmet
  • Adjustable waist, bottom and sleeves
  • Generous fit

Frequently asked questions on women's shell jackets

Are shell jackets warm?

Shell jacket protects you from wind and rain, but they do provide warmth the same way as fleece jackets or base layers. You can add a warming layer under your shell jacket, to keep you warm. Out shell jackets are designed to fit multiple layers underneath.

What should you have under a shell jacket?

Shell jackets are perfect for layering. In a cold weather, you can wear a merino base layer, outdoor pants, and wool fleece under the shell jacket. In warmer weather, you can have only a merino long sleeve or a merino short sleeve under the jacket. It is also beneficial to have an armpit ventilation in the shell jacket, to be able to add breathability when you get warm.

How do you wash a shell jacket?

Always read the washing instructions on the garment before washing. Generally you can wash in 40 degrees, but you should use cleaning products that are specifically made for waterproof outdoor gear (such as Nikwax Tech Wash). These don’t leave any residue behind that could clog the pores. Do not use fabric softener or bleach, since these can clog the pores or even damage the membrane. Let the garment dry properly. Water-repellent treatment can be reactivated in using a dryer at a low temperature.