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Artikkeli: The Pants guide: How to choose between our pants

The Pants guide: How to choose between our pants

The Pants guide: How to choose between our pants

Astrid Wild was born from the understanding that women’s bodies and tastes have historically not been taken seriously in the outdoor industry. We were searching for outdoor pants for women with a high waist, a pant which also met our standards of functionality, style and fit, but we came up empty. That’s why we ended up creating Astrid Wild, outdoor wear designed for female shapes. 

Since our start we have created different types of outdoor pants for women and we understand that it isn’t always easy to know which outdoors pants that are right for you when spending time in nature. Here you get an overview of our outdoor pants, differences and similarities. 

Our hiking pants are designed by an all female team, who are specialized in fit for women, no matter your body shape. These pants are for everyone, just like nature, that’s why they come in sizes 30-56. We have created them based on how female bodies actually look, unique and amazing. 

You can compare our different pants beneath and see how they differ from each other.

Having a hard time choosing between our most popular pants, Amelia Hiking Pants and Astrid Outdoor Pants? Then take a closer look at this guide. Don’t forget that both of them come in three different leg lengths, Short (75 cm), Regular (79 cm) and Tall (85 cm).

Which of these needs do you have when it comes to outdoor pants for women? 👇

Are you looking for a pair which is more like the traditional hiking pants but with a flattering fit, high waist, and also being super comfortable? Then one of our two Amelia Hiking Pants are perfect for you!

Are you in between sizes or does your stomach fluctuate throughout your menstruation cycle or because of stomach issues - then go for the Amelia Hiking Pants with adjustable waist! These pants will also work well if you have a small waist with wide hips, since they follow your shapes. 

Amelia Hiking Pants with adjustable waist is an updated version of Amelia Hiking Pants with different lengths, besides the waist solution, it’s the same pant. 

Do you live in the city but like the functionality of outdoor pants, or do you often go for an adventure in nature after work? If so, then Astrid is the perfect partner in crime!

Our Astrid Outdoor Pants is the answer for you who are looking for more clean and minimalistic pants, which works great in both city and nature environments. The wider leg gives these outdoor pants an extra flair, while at the same time being functional because of the hidden leg pocket and water-repellent material. 

We recommend our Elsa Cargo Pants if you like loose fit pants. They are multi-functional, light and extra comfortable with their stretchy material. They work exceptionally well for gardening, mountain hikes in warm weather and also in the city when the sun is shining and you long for a whiff of moving air. Thanks to the elastic waist these pants can be worn no matter what mood your body is in. 

During colder days the Elsa Cargo Pants work really well with Ingrid Base Layer Tights underneath for extra warmth. The cold shouldn’t be hindering you from continuing to enjoy these comfortable pants. It is noteworthy that the Elsa Cargo Pants is our lightest pant. It is the outdoor pants, which has the most affiliation with one season out of all of our pants, but it can still work great during winter, depending on your preferences. 

Do you just crave extra comfort? Like it when nothing sticks out nor can flap around your body? Or do you simply thrive in stretchy pants that follow your curves? Then you should check out the Rosa Hiking Tights! They have details like wide waistband, adjustable waist and 4-way stretch, which makes them extra comfy and works great as sport tights. However, they also work just as well for hikes as our other pants since they are also water-repellent, durable and have pockets. There’s also zippers for ventilation at the end of the pants. Outdoor tights have never before been this functional and comfy, and we love them for it!

No matter if your next trip will be a mountain hike, city walk or more simple outdoor activity, our outdoor pants for women will make your life easier, more functional and more comfortable!


How are outdoor pants for women suppose to fit?

The most important things in our opinion is of course that our outdoor pants are comfortable and that one doesn’t have to worry about them falling down. 🍑 They're not supposed to feel tight or create chafing anywhere and you should be able to move freely while wearing them. Our outdoor pants are shaped after the body at the hips and waist and are created to flow with the body in a pleasant way. It’s guaranteed that you will find the right length for you with the three different lengths on our Amelia Hiking Pants and Astrid Outdoor Pants. Just like with the adjustable waist on three of our pants, it will give you more freedom to find the pants that fit you just right!

Why aren’t  your outdoor pants reinforced in specific places like bum and knees?

The fabric we use on our Amelia Hiking Pants women and Astrid Outdoor Pants women is tested and proven to be five times as durable as recommended work wear. So there’s simply no need to reinforce any parts! We made sure the pants are durable all around. Roll around in the grass or walk in dense forests without having to worry about any part of your pants! The Elsa Cargo Pants and Rosa Hiking Tights are also made out of durable fabric.

What’s the different between hiking pants and outdoor pants?

It’s basically two different words for the same thing, so there’s not really a big difference. One perspective could be though, that hiking pants are made for a specific purpose - they are ideal for hiking. While outdoor pants are a more loose term for pants that are suitable for outdoor wear. That’s why our Hiking Pants Amelia has more pockets and a somewhat more practical design than our Outdoor Pant Astrid. But both work just as well for mountain hikes as other outdoor activities. It’s more about what kind of design you prefer or the needs you have. 

What functionalities are important when is comes to hiking pants for women or outdoor pants for women?

It of course depends on what you’re going to use the pants for. There are pants that are designed for a very specific outdoor activity. We have however focused on creating good allround pants with high quality. These outdoor pants will last for a long time even when exposed to harsh conditions. It was important for us to make women feel flexible and comfortable in our outdoor pants and that’s why all of them have stretch. It’s also very practical with pants that work in all types of weather. That’s why we made sure our pants are water- and dirt-repellent, have smart pockets and a good fit, so you can feel safe no matter what. All pants (except the tights) have belt loops where you can attach your water bottle with a carbine hook, for easy access during warm weather. 

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