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Artikkeli: Norwegian Hiking Tips with Reetta Pellikka

Norwegian Hiking Tips with Reetta Pellikka

Norwegian Hiking Tips with Reetta Pellikka

We recently had a brief chat with Reetta Pellikka – the Finnish lady who runs her own knitting-brand, loves vintage finds and recently discovered a new level of love for the outdoors since she moved to Oslo 8 years ago. We got curious about her journey and decided to pick her brains about good hiking tips for anyone planning a trip to the Norwegian mountains ahead.

Reetta is wearing the Camel Minna Fleece.

How come you moved from Finland to Norway? What have you learned?

I moved to Norway because of love, the most cliche answer of all time! I have been living here since 2016 and it really feels like home to me now.

In Norway, I fell in love with outdoor living! I mean, I did enjoy outdoor sports before as well, but living here has taken it to a whole another level! In the past, I was dreaming of city breaks, but now all I want to do is to escape to our mountain cabin. We have been exploring Norway for the past 4 summers and done some incredible hikes up to the mountains and camped in the most picturesque places.

How’s nature different in Norway?

There is just more of it! Nature in Finland for me is very calming and serene, but in Norway, it is more extreme and breathtaking. That's why I fell in love with this country! I think it is fascinating how you can find glaciers and mountains as well as white sandy beaches with turquoise waters almost next to each other.

Do you have any outdoor tips & advice for anyone going to Norway for the first time?

Have good gear! The weather is sometimes quite unpredictable and having rain- and windproof outer layer is a must-have. Also, I would recommend investing in good pair of shoes and wool under layers. I use my wool all year round, especially in the north and in the mountains it can be quite chilly even in the middle of the summer!

Another "must-have" is time. There is just so much to see here and the distances are quite long (and roads slow), so one of my best tips is not to try to do too much. Choose an area you want to explore and don't try to see it all in one go. For me, the best part of exploring Norway is taking time to just see and feel, instead of trying to tick all the things from my bucket list as fast as I can.

The last tip is to do some hikes! There are a lot of hikes one can do in Norway and nothing beats the feeling of reaching the top of the mountain. Check the level of the hike before you go, Norwegians are born hiking so what for them is "easy" might be a bit more challenging for other peoples standards!

What's the best thing about the Minna wool fleece?

That it has wool in it! I had been searching for a good fleece for a long time, but all the others seem to be made out of 100% plastic, which is something I don't want in my closet. I also love the relaxed fit of it, most of the time the women models are a bit too tight-fitting and "unstylish" for my taste. I have to mention also that it might be the softest thing I own.

Thank's for the chat, your kind words and great advice, Reetta! Make sure to check out her channels & incredible designs at And hey, if you want more female inspiration, head over to our full Wild Women blog!

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