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Fleecetröja dam SvartFleecetröja dam Svart
Ulltröja dam GrönUlltröja dam Grön
Last chanceMinna Minimalist ullfleecejacka dam RostFleecejacka dam Rost
PopularUnderställ dam hög midja SvartUnderställ dam hög midja Svart
Fleeceväst dam SvartFleeceväst dam Svart
SlutsåldPannband dam återvunnen ull RostPannband dam återvunnen ull Rost
Underställ dam hög midja VinrödUnderställ dam hög midja Vinröd
PopulärAstrid Wild fleecejacka dam i ull som både andas och är otroligt varm - Minna. Färg GrönFleecejacka dam Grön
Astrid Wild fleece dam i merino ull och tencel mix - Ada Ullfleece. MarinblåFleecetröja dam Marinblå
Fleecejacka dam KamelFleecejacka dam Kamel
Astrid Wild kortärmad underställströja dam i merinoull, varm och andas - Ingrid. Färg SvartTopp merinoull dam Svart
Långärmad topp dam GrönLångärmad topp dam Grön
Fleecejacka dam SvartFleecejacka dam Svart
Ulltröja dam VinrödUlltröja dam Vinröd
Pannband dam återvunnen ull KamelPannband dam återvunnen ull Kamel
Ingrid mamelucker i merinoull dam SvartIngrid mamelucker i merinoull dam Svart
Fleecejacka dam MarinblåFleecejacka dam Marinblå
Astrid Wild fleecejacka dam i ull som både andas och är otroligt varm - Minna Minimalist. Färg BurgundyFleecejacka dam Vinröd
Fleeceväst dam GrönFleeceväst dam Grön
Ulltröja dam SvartUlltröja dam Svart
Astrid Wild underställslinne dam i merinoull med hög, rundad hals - Ingrid. Färg SvartLinne dam merinoull Svart
Fleeceväst dam KamelFleeceväst dam Kamel
Långärmad topp dam VinrödLångärmad topp dam Vinröd
Underställ dam hög midja GrönUnderställ dam hög midja Grön
Långärmad topp dam SvartLångärmad topp dam Svart
Selling fastFleecejacka dam BrunFleecejacka dam Brun
Topp merinoull dam VinrödTopp merinoull dam Vinröd
Topp merinoull dam GrönTopp merinoull dam Grön
Linne dam merinoull VinrödLinne dam merinoull Vinröd
New colorMinna Minimalist ullfleecejacka dam TealMinna Minimalist ullfleecejacka dam Teal

We offer outdoor and hiking clothing for women, made from durable high tech fabrics with a timeless, minimalistic design. They are designed to be used in harsh conditions but work perfectly well as on a countryside getaway, when gardening or on a dog walk in a city park.

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We offer women's outdoor clothes:

  • Outdoor wear women
  • Hiking clothes for women
  • Gardening clothes for women
  • Stylish women's outdoor clothing
  • Outdoor clothing large sizes ladies
  • Women's outdoor clothing plus sizes

Features of our women's hiking clothes

Our women's hiking and outdoor clothes have the following features:

  • High waist
  • Adjustable waist
  • Merino wool
  • Recycled wool
  • Water resistant
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Extremely durable
  • Practical pockets
  • Breathable and quick-drying
  • From small to large sizes for women (size range from XXS-4XL)

Frequently asked questions on women's outdoor clothing

What should a woman wear hiking?

When hiking, you should wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and practical. It’s good to choose clothing that keeps you cool or warm and dry in different weather conditions. You can use layering to adapt to changing weather conditions, combining base layers, mid-layers, outdoor pants and shell jackets.

What are good hiking clothes?

Clothes that are good for hiking are durable, heat-regulating and have practical details. Good hiking clothing include durable and water-repellent hiking pants and hiking shorts, wool fleece jackets, merino base layers, and waterproof shell jackets.

What type of material is good for hiking clothes?

Materials that keep you warm or cool, quick-drying and durable are good for hiking. Wool is an excellent material for outdoors, since it has an effective heat-regulation keeping you warm in cold weather but also breathes to keep you cool and warm temperatures. For a shell jacket, it’s good to use waterproof fabric to keep you dry in all conditions. For hiking pants, it’s good to use durable fabrics, like polyamide and polyester, that also have a water-repellency treatment to keep you dry.