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PopulärAstrid Wild fleecejacka dam i ull som både andas och är otroligt varm - Minna. Färg GrönFleecejacka dam Grön
New inMinna Minimalist ullfleecejacka dam TealMinna Minimalist ullfleecejacka dam Teal
Fleecetröja dam SvartFleecetröja dam Svart
Fleecejacka dam KamelFleecejacka dam Kamel
Fleeceväst dam SvartFleeceväst dam Svart
Fleecejacka dam BrunFleecejacka dam Brun
Astrid Wild fleece dam i merino ull och tencel mix - Ada Ullfleece. MarinblåFleecetröja dam Marinblå
Minna Minimalist ullfleecejacka dam RostFleecejacka dam Rost
Fleecejacka dam MarinblåFleecejacka dam Marinblå
Fleecejacka dam SvartFleecejacka dam Svart
Fleeceväst dam KamelFleeceväst dam Kamel
Astrid Wild fleecejacka dam i ull som både andas och är otroligt varm - Minna Minimalist. Färg BurgundyFleecejacka dam Vinröd
Fleeceväst dam GrönFleeceväst dam Grön

We offer soft and warm women’s fleece jackets and fleece vests. Here you’ll find our beloved women’s wool fleece jacket, Minna. Our wool fleeces are created to keep you warm when you’re outdoors, but work equally well at the office as in the wild.

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Our wool fleeces for women have the following details:

  • Warm
  • Stretch
  • Breathable and quick-drying
  • Practical pockets
  • Recycled wool mix
  • From small to large sizes (XXS to 4XL)

Fleece jackets for women for all activities

Our women’s fleece jackets for women are very versatile and can be used in many different outdoor activities, for example:

  • Fleece jacket for women for skiing
  • Wool fleece for women for skiing
  • Women’s fleece jacket for hiking
  • Women’s fleece jacket for riding
  • Fleece vest for women for gardening

Features of our fleece jackets for women

Our fleece jackets are designed to be used when you’re out hiking or skiing but can be perfectly used on a weekend in the countryside, in the garden or the dog walk in the city. Our customers love the generous fit and elegant shape that we developed with our product-team that consists of only women.

Things to think about when you’re choosing your fleece jacket:

  • Fit: We have different sizes and shapes. Our bestseller Minna has a generous fit that is comfortable and enables you to add layers underneath. Ada wool fleece has a slim fit that can be easily used as a midlayer under a jacket.
  • Warmth: It is important to choose clothing that keeps you warm or cool depending on the weather. We offer fleece jackets and vests made out of recycled wool and wool-tencel blend.
  • Breathability: As outdoor activities often entail a lot of movement, it’s important that you choose a fleece that regulates your body temperature and breaths effectively. Our fleece jackets for women are made of wool, which breathes and keeps you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold. They’re also quick-drying and sweat-wicking.

Women's plus size fleece jackets

Our fleece jackets for women come in a wide size range (from XXS-4XL). We offer fleece jackets for women if you are looking for:

  • Fleece jacket for women large sizes
  • Women’s fleece jacket plus size
  • Fleece jacket for women 4XL

Frequently asked questions about women's fleece jackets and wool tops

What is a fleece jacket?

Fleece jacket is a casual, lightweight jacket that is perfect as a midlayer or as a jacket on its own. Fleece jackets are typically made of synthetic polyester fabric, but Astrid Wild only offers fleece jackets that are majority of wool mixed with polyester or a wool-tencel mix.

Are fleece jackets warm?

Fleece jackets are warm and soft. We use only wool mixes in our fleeces. Wool is a wonderful material in fleece jackets, since it is extremely warm but also breathes.

What size fleece jacket should I get?

We offer a wide range of fleece jackets for women, ranging from XXS to 4XL. We also offer different fits of fleece jackets, from more slim fit to loose fit. We recommend that you choose your typical size.