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Artikel: On Edge – A Playground For Adventure seeking Women

On Edge – A Playground For Adventure seeking Women

On Edge – A Playground For Adventure seeking Women

We chatted with Elin Edling, one of the women behind the adventure and extreme-sport platform for women, OnEdge. She told us about how it all started and shared some of their bucket list tips for summer outdoorsy adventures. We know there are many of you out there both seeking new outdoorsy adventures, and like minded people to go exploring with – so if you haven’t heard about On Edge before, this one's for you!

Elin Edling: “The Idea of On Edge started from the lack of a platform where like minded girls could hang out and get inspired by each other. And by like minded we mean girls who strive for adventure and action sport. Where were the girls who shredded the slopes? Went surfing? Climbed mountains? We started this platform and now 4 years later, On Edge is a place for inspiration, tips and tricks, gear talk and friendship. With 16.000 + members in the Facebook group, 7000 + followers on Instagram and a bunch of vlog inspiration on our youtube channel.”

Who are the girls behind On Edge?
Ebba Cronqvist is the mastermind behind the idéa of On Edge, It all started at a dull time in Lund during what we in Sweden calls "tentaperiod" – basically a time when you have a bunch to study but do anything rather than that. 

Ebba collected a team of four girls who now run On Edge together. We never knew each other before getting together and creating On Edge. Ebba is from Lund, Emma from Stockholm, Evelina from Kiruna and I (Elin) am from Uppsala. If I was to pick one of the best things On Edge has given me, it would be all the girls I’ve got to know, and all the friendships I found connected to the platform. We all have different backgrounds and adventure experiences, and they inspire me like nothing else.

We do love a good adventure, and here are some of the activities we would like to tick off our summer bucket list, feel free to steal them!

  • Cook food outdoors, outdoor meals are the bomb! 
  • Bike vacation. Jump on the bike, bring the tent or go for a day-trip to explore your surroundings. 
  • Surf in Sweden! Varberg, Torö, Salusand – maybe you have a secret spot to try? Just waiting for bad weather.
  • Explore the Swedish archipelago, so close to Stockholm, and super easy to access! 
  • Go camping, anywhere and anytime is a good time to go camping, bring some nice food and make it a glamping. Don´t have a tent? Sleep under the stars!
  • Hike! Sweden is full of hiking routes, try a part of "Sverigeleden".
  • Find friends in On Edge’s Facebook-group. Don't know what to do? Make a post in the group and ask for activities and friends in your area to hang out with!
  • Kayaking, the views and sunset from the waters are epic!
  • Skinny dip, what is a summer without a skinny dip?
  • Skip your phone day. Disconnect and just relax!

Have a great summer, I hope we’ll bump into each other in the future!
/The On Edge Team


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