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Ada villafleece Laivastonsininen

Alennushinta2 195 kr


Vain 3 jäljellä

Ylellinen fleecetakki on vartalonmyötäinen ja tehty korkealaatuisesta merino-tencel -sekoitteesta, joka on ainutlaatuisen pehmeä, luonnollisesti kosteutta hylkivä ja todella lämmin. Loistavan välikerraston lasketteluun, hiihtämiseen tai työmatkoille. Fleecessä on puolikorkea kaulus, joka suojaa tuulelta ja isot vetoketjulliset sivutaskut pitävät tavarasi tallessa.



Astrid Wild fleece dam i merino ull och tencel mix - Ada Ullfleece. Marinblå
Ada villafleece Laivastonsininen Alennushinta2 195 kr

Fleecetakkien Rolls Royce

Verraton välikerros, joka on tehty ainutlaatuisen pehmeästä villasekoitteesta.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Lise F.d.G. (Sweden)
Fit: True to size
Ada Wool Fleece Black

I have not yet used it, since it feels like it is warm. I think it will be perfect under my already lovely Astrid Wild Emma jacket, which use very very much!

Anonymous (Norway)
Usual size: 42 L/XL
Size purchased: XL
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 166
Love it!

Beautiful fabric! Love the colour! Clothes size XL is always too long for me. Ada Wool Fleece is not that long, so fits ok. But it would be nice if some of the models were in shorter versions, fitting short xl-persons :)

Thank you so much for your review! We are so happy that you like your new AW clothes. ♡

Josefin C. (Sweden)
Usual size: M
Size purchased: M
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 175
Weight (kg): 66

I have measurements 96(chest), 76(waist), 98(hips). The medium fits great! Looks amazing, is so soft and warm, arms are long enough for me (which is unusual). If I could change something I would want a higher collar and maybe 1-2 cm tighter fit at the very bottom part of the jacket. And I would like more "firm" pockets, if you put anything "heavy" the pocket kinds of hangs down.
Still gets 5 stars because I love it!

Thank you so much for sharing this, your input means alot to us! ♡

Kristina B. (Sweden)
Usual size: L
Size purchased: L
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 172
Weight (kg): 80
Bra köp

Älskare min ullflees-jacka ffån er!

Så roligt att höra! Tack för din fina recension. ♡

@alis.ontour (Germany)
Usual size: Depending on the brand from XS - S
Size purchased: S
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 165
Weight (kg): 52
Ada Jacket

I truly love this jacket! I seriously didn't expect it to be so soft. Of course it is warm, no doubt about that but the softness amazes me! It being it black (blue wasn't available any more) I can wear it also on other occasions other than the outdoors.

Thank you so much for your review! We are so happy that you like your new Ada Fleece. ♡

Maria S. (Sweden)

Skriv på svenska.

Petra K. (Sweden)
Usual size: M-L
Size purchased: XL
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 178
Weight (kg): 75
Ada Wool Fleece Navy

Mjuk och lagom tjock för att ha som mellanlaget. Värmer mycket bra! Valde större storlek då det var vad som fanns men den passar riktigt bra i längd och ärmar och mig gör det inget att den är rymlig.

Så fint att höra, tack Petra för din recension ♡

c (Switzerland)
Usual size: M on the top but L for bottom because of wide hips (108cm)
Size purchased: M
Fit: True to size
Height (cm): 174
Weight (kg): 80
So comfy soft !

The Ada Wool Fleece is my new wardrobe Staple ! I chose black for its versatility. The fleece is so soft, absolutely not itchy. The only bad aspect of the order was the long shipping and the customs fee. I had to pay 50 swiss francs to customs ! Still worth it !

Thank you so much for your review! ♡

T. (France)
Usual size: 3xl
Size purchased: 3xl
Fit: Narrow / small
Height (cm): 170
Weight (kg): 125
Ada Wool Fleece

I wanted to add a review after i been wearing ada for more then a year now.
To be honest it is the only thing that keeps me warm during winter (and i live in Belgium not even cold over here :D )

what i would want to change on it, wel I would like a new color ;-) to extend my wardrobe
And if you could make it a bit longer, thant it would be not 100 procent but 120 procent perfect .

Thanks for keeping me warm Astrid Wild

Thank you so much for sharing your review and feedback with us, Torill! So lovely to hear. And we’ll have this in mind for the future. ♡

Cicci (Sweden)
Usual size: M
Size purchased: L
Fit: Narrow / small
Height (cm): 169
Sedan dess

Det är inte ofta det händer, men den här fleecen har jag använt sedan jag fick den. För motion, för mysiga kvällar, under min skaljacka och min snygge-kappa!

Stort tack Cicci för fina ord, så roligt att höra! Hoppas du får många härliga stunder i din nya fleece. ♡