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Artikkeli: Escaping city life in Germany to find peace in the Swedish countryside - with Svea Landschoof

Escaping city life in Germany to find peace in the Swedish countryside - with Svea Landschoof

Escaping city life in Germany to find peace in the Swedish countryside - with Svea Landschoof

Meet Svea Landschoof, a freelancing photographer/videographer, who during a trip to Sweden a few years ago fell in love with the country so much that she decided to move. Svea tells us all about the big move, her favorite places in Sweden, the dream house she recently bought and her dreams for the future. 

Hi Svea! You're a German content creator who moved to Sweden for a slow life in the countryside, how did that happen?

I spent my early twenties in multiple capitals around the world and became increasingly unhappy living in big cities. Especially living in Berlin for almost six years took its toll on me.

Whenever I could, I would drive far away to the countryside, and one would usually find me deep in a forest or on a mountain top. I realized that nature was where I felt happiest and most like myself. 

I knew I needed to move away after finishing my studies in Berlin - for my soul. Somewhere quieter and greener, but I wasn't sure where to go.

Through some coincidences, I spent a weekend in Stockholm in early 2019, and the moment I set foot on Swedish ground, it felt like coming home. I never experienced this feeling before, and I didn't know what to make of it at first. After only a few days in Stockholm, I made a decision: a year from now, I want to live here.

Once I came back to Germany, I started learning the language, read about Swedish culture, and saved some money. Some months later, in the summer of 2019, I went on a solo road trip through Sweden to get to know the country even better. I truly fell in love with Sweden that summer, especially its beautiful and diverse nature. 

Sleeping outside, picking wild blueberries in the midnight sun, taking morning swims in crystal clear lakes, and coming eye to eye with a moose made me feel so incredibly alive and free, and I know I made the right decision.

Fast forward some months, and I actually moved to Stockholm. Stockholm will forever be one of my favorite places; however, I already knew it wouldn't be my final destination in Sweden. After all, I dreamed of having a cute wooden house in the countryside - but you have to start somewhere, right? 

After three years in Stockholm and Åkersberga, this dream finally came true, and now I live in my cute house at the edge of a forest in Värmland.

What is it about the Swedish countryside that appeals to you?

Coming from a country like Germany, where the population is so dense that it's hard to find solitude anywhere, Sweden's vast amount of untouched nature truly appeals to me.

Also, many parts of Sweden (especially rural Sweden) transmit a sense of lightness and peacefulness, and the world still feels "alright" here.

I believe this feeling is something that many people are longing for, especially in turbulent times like these. I certainly do.

How do you spend your days? 

Being self-employed, I have the luxury of (almost) never having to set an alarm. I love being woken up by the first sunlight and the sound of the birds outside my window. I always start the day with a shower and a good breakfast. Then I usually get to work - but with breaks in between. They don't have to be long; just sitting outside in the sunshine for some minutes works wonders for me.

Sometime in the afternoon or at night, I go on a long walk either by the lake or in our forest.

How's your relationship with nature today compared to before?

Living in a crowded city some years ago, it was quite the project to get somewhere I could enjoy nature. Nowadays, I can spend way more time outside. Now, I have my own garden, a beautiful lake 200m away, and a forest just behind our house. Living in the countryside and having access to all these things is a luxury I am grateful for every single day. 

Overall my bond with nature has definitely become even stronger these past years. I feel a deeper connection to mother earth, and I enjoy learning about how to live in harmony with nature and the seasons.

Have you had any events in your life that had a big influence/ impact on you?

One of the most significant events that certainly shaped me was when I moved abroad for the first time right after finishing high school. 

I worked as an au pair in Canada for one year and learned so much about myself. Of course, moving to Sweden some years later also greatly impacted me. Living in different countries and learning about other cultures is such a gift, and I would encourage everyone who gets the chance to do so. You won't regret it. 

What are your future dreams?

My fiancé and I just bought a house in Värmland, which I am very excited about! One of my dreams for the near future is to grow our own food. I never had a garden before, and I am an absolute newbie, but I'd love to learn about gardening and farming. I wouldn't say no to a cat and a dog and some chickens, either.

In the more distant future, I hope to create a cozy home out of the house we bought and fill it with good memories. I also want to continue showing people Sweden's beauty and inspire others to slow down and appreciate nature.

How do you like your Minna Fleece?

I have basically been living in my Minna Fleece for the last few months!

First of all: I love how versatile it is. I can wear it in the forest and on a hike, but also downtown. I was also amazed by how well the wool regulates the temperature!

I wore the jacket when it was minus degrees with just a simple shirt underneath, and it kept me nice and warm. However, I can also wear it now when it's warmer - without becoming sweaty. For me, it really has become my go-to jacket.

Svea is wearing Minna Minimalist Wool Fleece Jacket, size XXL

5 quick questions: 

Favorite place in the Stockholm archipelago? 

That would be Sandhamn. For me, as a non-Swede, Sandhamn embodies all of the cliches one would have about the perfect Swedish archipelago island. 

Favorite season in Sweden? 

Definitely the summers! There's something so magical about the midsummer time and the white nights.

What is a must for any German tourist visiting Sweden? 

Tough one! I would recommend mixing up cities and nature - Sweden has so much to offer. As for cities/towns I would visit Stockholm and Gothenburg (of course) but also Sigtuna (Sweden's oldest town), Norrtälje, and Vimmerby (if you want to go full-on Sweden mode).

When it comes to nature, it almost doesn't matter where you go. I feel it's hard to find a spot in Sweden that isn't beautiful. I would research the national parks in Sweden and see what's most appealing to you - there is so much variety to choose from.

Favorite Swedish fika? 

How could I possibly decide on one? My top three: wienerbröd, dammsugare, mazariner.

The favorite photo you've taken in Sweden?

Can we narrow it down to 100 photos? Jokes aside, my favorite photo probably is this self-portrait I took during the said solo road trip through Sweden in 2019. I took it in the middle of the night in a forest in Edsele, and I will never forget that feeling of freedom and excitement I had during that trip.

Thank you so much Svea for the chat! It’s been really inspiring to hear all about your move and love for nature.

Follow Svea on Instagram, and if you want to read something similar we recommend this one.

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