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Artikkeli: We asked, you answered. This is what YOU want.

We asked, you answered. This is what YOU want.

We asked, you answered. This is what YOU want.

At Astrid Wild our brand promise is to improve products and conditions for women in the outdoors - and we’re proud to say that with our 42 pants sizes, we have the largest size range for women, in the Nordics (maybe in the whole world?)

During the past couple of months we’ve been thinking about.. What product can we develop that simplifies outdoor life for women, and inspires women to spend more time outdoors? 

Since one of our core values is co-creation, we went out  to look for answers from YOU. More than 300 women across the world responded to the survey posted earlier this summer, with the simple question “What should we do next?” and this is what you said  

Top 3 most requested products

Jacket: A good looking and functional jacket for women with shapes was the most requested product. 

“An outdoor waterproof jacket that fits over the bust and everywhere instead of having to size up for the bust leaving the waist gaping and arms trailing on the floor. “

“Now I'm missing shell parka/jacket in my size (approx 48-52)” 

Pants: Pants with various features including zip off legs, ventilation, boots straps and pee funnel options, and for various use cases such as workwear, came second.

“Pants where the bottom half zips off so they can be converted to shorts and cinched at the ankle!” 

Rain clothes: Waterproof rain gear for women with shapes that don't look like kids wear, is your third mostly asked for product. 

“A well fitting rain jacket in good colours! Male jackets are too narrow at the hips and female are very narrow in the shoulders and bust, and it's rare to find plus sizes! “

See the full list of your wishes below. 

Now, here’s the good thing, we’ve actually been working on a jacket for quite some time – our very first shell jacket is launching this fall! We’ve taken the input from our community and developed (what we believe) is the ultimate jacket, together with our all female product team who are experts when it comes to fit for female shapes. The shell jacket comes in a limited edition (250 pieces only) and is expected to arrive in November. Since there’s so many of you asking for it, we’ve decided to open up the pre-order earlier than usual. You can already sign-up on the waitlist to be notified when the pre-order opens, click here to sign up. 

 After the launch of the shell jacket, we’re onto the next product. Developing better pants for female shapes in the outdoors.  

Remember that you can always reach out to us if you have ideas or thoughts about what’s missing. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram where we always ask for product input. 


Maria & Jemina 


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