Largest size range of outdoor wear for women in the Nordics, maybe even in the whole world?

Since our start back in 2019, we have been working on revolutionizing the outdoor industry, which historically focused on men. With our outdoor wear designed for female shapes, we want to increase the diversity on the outdoor scene and inspire more women to unlock the magical gifts of nature. 

We are now taking the next step when we start producing our best selling plus size hiking pants for women, the Astrid outdoor pants and the Amelia hiking pants, in 42 sizes, from size 30 to 56, with 3 different leg lengths. Besides outdoor clothes in plus sizes, we have introduced an adjustable waist solution for our shorts and pants. Since all women’s bodies are built differently, and can change from day to day.

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The interest for the outdoors has increased over the years and many choose to hike, explore and go on new adventures in our beautiful Nordic nature. The outdoor industry has been holding on to a very conservative point of view of what an outdoorsy person is, both product wise and communication being geared towards male extreme athletes. 

We realized that women with shapes and sizes that's not within the norm, have a hard time finding products that fit them, especially hiking pants for curvy figures. We heard this over and over again, both from our customer but it’s also an ongoing discussion in different outdoor forums for women online. Even if you're looking for tall plus size hiking pants or women petite hiking pants we want you to find the perfect fit and model for you and your body, on Astrid Wild. 

Astrid Wild was born from our desire to create unparalleled outdoor clothes for female shapes. Based on the fact that no woman looks the same, our bodies are built differently and have different sizes and shapes. The first collection evolved from 400 women input and wishes about outdoor clothes.

Our philosophy is that outdoor fashion should be comfy and beautiful, and work as well on a Sunday stroll in the city as on a day out in the forest.  

We want you to feel like the best version of yourself, and to go out exploring nature with 100% confidence and comfort. No matter age, body-size or experience. Bad fitting clothes should be the last thing that stops you from going out in nature! 

We are now taking the next step and increasing our size range by offering pants from size 30 up to size 56 (corresponds to size 3XS to 4XL) with 3 different leg lengths, Tall (85cm) Regular (79cm) and short (75cm). We see a clear lack of plus size outdoor clothes, hiking pants for women and hiking clothes for women in bigger sizes, on the outdoor market and we want to change that! We believe we have the best hiking pants for curvy figures, and women hiking trousers in size XL XXL 3XXL. We have the largest size range for outdoors women in the Nordics, (maybe even in the world?)

Beyond that, we have developed an adjustable waist solution, crafted with the ever changing female body in mind, acknowledging the tummy can be swollen due to for example menstruation, IBS or digestion problems. With an elastic waistband and 3 buttons on each side, you can adjust up to 12 cm and choose a fit that suits your body and tummy each day.

Our hiking pants for women with stretch are extra great during this period of month, of course the rest of the month as well - our bodies deserve clothes that feel good and do not limit us in our daily active life.

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Astrid Wild was founded 2019, and we have now sold thousands of trekking pants for women all over the world. With a 4.8 rating, and thousands customer reviews, can we proudly say that our collection of hiking clothes for women are something extra! We want to honor the female body by offering hiking clothes in plus sizes, everyone should be able to create amazing memories when being outdoors, no matter body size. 

But of course we are not done yet, our goal is to create the ultimate outdoor wardrobe for female bodies.

SO, now we want YOUR input. What do you think Astrid Wild should do next?