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Artikel: Cake x Astrid Wild. A Swedish Summer Night Saga.

Cake x Astrid Wild. A Swedish Summer Night Saga.

Cake x Astrid Wild. A Swedish Summer Night Saga.

That feeling. 

You gathered all your gurlfriends to try out something new, something that might make you a bit nervous but foremost, something that looks like a fun thing to do on Monday eve, that week kids go back to school after summer holidays. 

BTH Astrid Wild x Cake

11 women, 3 bikes, one lil` mountain and epic sunset views. What could go wrong? Nothing. 
And yeah, this was the first test drive of the very first batch of Astrid Wild Outdoor Fashion.

Fun fact. Jemina Pomoell, (to the left) co-founder of Astrid Wild was the only one who was brave enough to crash, must be her Finnish DNA right? 

But first, let’s talk about the bike. It’s actually not just any bike, it’s a high performance electric off-road motorbike created by Swedish company Cake. We can talk forever how amazing it is, and the design, lord! We want to have it in our kitchen. Can we, yes/no? 

Perri Rothenberg was the first one out, the American adventurer and Swedish love refugee who calls Pukka travels her day job. We're slightly jealous, how awesome to commute between Northern Norway and Stockholm? 

Perry checking out the latest prototype of the Minna Fleece Wool Jacket 

And woaah, here comes Malin Fränberg. Not only content, food and life magician - but also co-founder of Adventurestories! She's a true inspiration as well as a close friend of ours and Astrid Wild. 

Malin Fränberg founder Adventurestories riding a Cake bike on Astrid Wild event

Fun fact, Malin put the Astrid Avant-garde pant on straight away and just rocked it, we couldn’t think of a better “user testing scenario”. Not that we created the pant to ride a bike in, but it proved to be a pretty great pant for it, after all. And it fitted her like a glove. Can’t wait to see you wear it on your everyday outdoorsy adventures babe, maybe even this weekend?! 

Kajsa Silow Founder of Adventurestories on a Astrid Wild x Cake event

Here she is. Kajsa Silow, the women who’s so special to us we planned the whole event to work with her busy schedule ;) She lives in Åre so we had to plan accordingly. And off she went like a fearless Disney queen on ice. Luckily we managed to squeeze her tight before she headed off for her next adventure. 

Next up - Amanda Djerf, Swedish National Surf Champion and law student, heading up Costa Rica surf camps in her free time, and also a heavy promoter of unconditional love. Don't think anyone who follows her on the gram has missed her and her cute ass boyfriend Kasper's adventures around the globe. 

Amanda Djerf Cake x Astrid Wild Outdoor Fashion

Alexandra and Silja Kentsdottir, of course these are not one person, but we just can’t stop thinking about how cool it is that these sisters run a film production company together! And of course they were both filming and being the main characters of the night. I mean look how cool Silja looks like in the very first prototype of the Minna Wool Fleece? 

Cake x Astrid Wild Outdoor Clothing for Women by Women

We also had the opportunity to hand out with Frida Ronge, the Freddy Meadows of our gang. She knows well how to take controlled risks and cook sushi like a ninja. Drives like a boss, too! Say no more. 

Frida Ronge Cake x Astrid Wild Frida Ronge Cake x Astrid Wild Outdoor Fashion

Tone, we never met you before - but we know that next time around, we’ll hang out on a real mountain in your beautiful backyard of Norway. Sending love from Stockholm! 

Tone Cake x Astrid Wild Outdoor Clothing for Women by Women

Emma Johansson, marketeer at Astrid Wild and really wild when it comes to everything artsy online and offline! Usually seen out in the woods hanging out with her four legged friends, and sometimes in front of the camera! 

Emma Johansson Cake x Astrid Wild Oskar Milke Cake x Astrid Wild

Of course the "try riding Cake" event soon turned into a little race, (like always when you're having a little bit to much fun) and even though Astrids co-founder Maria looks fierce on her bike - Malin proved to be the winner of the game. 

Cake x Astrid Wild Outdoor Fashion for Women by Women

And oh, in the end, we got to take some photos of us wearing our own pants and tops (Maria is wearing the Aleksandra Merino Wool Top in the very last blog-pic), and yeah we admit, that was a bit of a Britney Spears moment. Having 2 photographers shooting while posing with a bike in a fantasy sunset. As you maybe can see, we are not that used to modeling life (blushing emoji).  

All gurls on the truck Cake x Astrid Wild  
Well, there wasn't just women out here, there was actually at least 4 men involved and none of this would have happened without you. Besides lending us their toys, they also taught us the importance of using protection. Hehe. Oskar Milke, designer of that light, quiet and clean bike. Also a great surfer and friend of Astrid Wild.   

Also, the people behind the scenes, Oscar Mildh, Tim and of course Stefan Ytterborn. Thanks for lending us your beauties and heading up this event, we had a blast! Oh did we forget - Mother Nature, she deserves a “thank you” as well. 

Cake x Astrid Wild Outdoor Fashion for women by women High five founders of Astrid Wild at Cake Event

A huge thanks to everyone involved

XOXO, Jemina & Maria 

Maria and Jemina founders of Astrid Wild during Cake event

Photos by Oscar Mildh for Cake, Emma Johansson and Amanda Djerf. More more behind the scenes, check out the "highlight" on our Instagram


Edit: Big congrats to team Cake! read more about them closing USD 14 Million to continue rocking, you really, really deserve this! 

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