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Artikel: Afternoon Tea in the Wild with the founder of We B Tea

Afternoon Tea in the Wild with the founder of We B Tea

Afternoon Tea in the Wild with the founder of We B Tea

We met up with Beatrice, one of the founders of We B Tea, the Swedish tea brand on a mission to change the way we drink tea. 

Beatrice, who’s a certified tea sommelier, has developed a unique tea blend for Astrid Wild, perfect for that mindful afternoon tea sesh in the wild. Organic, sustainable, and beautifully packed in Sweden, like all their teas. 

There are 100 jars of the tea available for Astrid Wild’s customers without any cost, simply add the product to your cart and you’ll receive it together with your garment. First come, first serve – get the tea here!

Beatrice can often be found deep in the woods of Stavsnäs, Värmdö, with her doggies Matty and Lila. This is where she restores energy in between building a global tea brand and working as a freelance photographer. Keep scrolling to read her story about the tea, and how she uses nature for recharging. 

What does tea mean to you?
Tea is an experience with endless complexity. It is a sophisticated drink that you can enjoy with a fine dining paired with the food. But it’s also simply comforting giving me a moment to relax and ground myself. 

How did you develop the specific “Astrid In The Wild” blend?
Getting inspired by my daily walks in the forest, I wanted to create a tea blend that would speak to the women that wear Astrid Wild’s clothing. I’m lucky to have the forest right outside my doorstep, so I put on my shoes and my Minna Wool Fleece and started my foraging. At that time, one of my neighbours had a fire going and the heather flowers were in bloom. The smell of forest, smoke, and heather made me inspired to create the Astrid In The Wild tea blend. It ended up becoming a smokey black tea with heather flowers, juniper berries and bergamot oil to balance the flavours up.

How does tea play a part in a healthy and balanced lifestyle?
Tea does not only have the ability to get us to sit down for a moment while enjoying every sip of it, it is also full of healthy antioxidants and has a lot of proven health benefits for our bodies. It is a combination of the healthy substances, and the moment tea gives me to ground myself and bring me on a flavoury journey. 

In what ways can tea enhance a nature experience according to you?
For me it is important to slow down and let all my senses experience nature, this can be a moment of tea meditation in the forest, when I can listen to the forest sounds, smell the scent of just that season in the forest and sip my tea and do some breathing exercises. To brew my tea in the forest over an open fire makes me stop and start to appreciate the surroundings in another way, it creates an experience out of the normal everyday lifestyle. 

What’s your go to after a stressful day with too many zoom meetings?
Now when we are heading into spring my family and I try to go out for walks after dinner, it is a moment of reset to breath in the fresh crisp air and I allow myself to be in the moment. After my little 3 year old son Todd has gone to bed my husband and I always make ourselves a cup of tea and sit down to watch something on tv. 

What’s your favorite outdoor meal and drink?
I love cooking outside, we often try new things every time. I bought myself a large cooking plate for my birthday last year and we have done everything from paella to pytt i panna (a Swedish mix of cubed vegetables, a fried egg and pickled beetroot) to pancakes. Last weekend we actually did a very successful wrap with whatever we had in the fridge and it was divine. We fried onion, mushrooms, capcicum, red cabbage and spinach. Sprinkled over feta cheese and some oumph left from the day before, and wrapped it all up, it was so good! Simplicity often makes it better. And for drinks, I prefer to brew my tea over the campfire. I often choose a black tea that can handle higher tempered water. 

How do you prepare the Astrid in the Wild tea?
Make a fire to heat your fresh water up in a pot or a kettle. When the water is close to boiling, you take it off the fire and put in the tea leaves (approximately 2-3 teaspoons for 300ml of water) Let it brew for about 3 to 5 minutes. Use the strainer and pour up your tea and enjoy! Remember, you can re-brew the same tea leaves twice in the same sitting.

Thank you love, for creating this amazing, and special blend for us. We suggest you all go follow and support this lady on her journey. As mentioned above, the tea is from now on given as a gift to Astrid Wild's customers, when purchasing one or more products. Simply add the tea to your cart before checkout, and please note it is a limited edition, so if you snooze, you might loose!  

Get your limited jar of tea here. ♡

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