Two Bucket List Adventures in One Weekend - with Astrid Wilds Co-founder Maria

Hi! Co-founder Maria here! Do you remember my New Year's resolution? Or perhaps "New Year's Dream" is a better way to say it. Try ski touring for the first time! And do you remember what I added to my bucket list in January? To go cross-country skiing behind an eager husky.

I am wearing the Aleksandra Merino Long Sleeve in Burgundy in size Medium and the Matchy Minna Headband in Burgundy.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to check off BOTH. How did it happen, one might ask? Well, like this. Last time I was in Åre, I told Jennie about my dream to ski tour, and she said, "But shouldn't we organize a girl's weekend this spring and do it?" And so we did. There were 4 of us girls who went up to Ottsjö in Jämtland, two who had toured a lot, and two beginners. So what is ski-touring you might wonder. It's like hiking on skis with skins, up a mountain and then skiing off-piste downhill. 

We were incredibly lucky with the weather; the rain and wind forecasted disappeared and were replaced by sunshine and above-zero temperatures. So the hike up the mountain began in sports tops for some of us - a completely new experience for me to dress as if I were going to the gym but at the same time be on snow!

Speaking of the gym, I thanked myself for the time I had put in over the last few months; my body held up.

We trudged up to the top of Ottfjället (1265 meters above sea level), and wow, the memory of the last stretch with a bright blue sky above us, an empty mountain massif all around, and the music from my friend's speaker (amazing idea to bring a speaker on a ski tour, right?). It was truly a pinch-me moment.

We all made it to the top, took an obligatory selfie in the wind, and then skied down in a soft, sorbet-like snow. I can say that my legs were shaking quite a bit when we finally reached the top of the slope at Vålådalens Fjällstation and cruised down the parking lot. The sauna, beer, and chips when we got home to Jennie's cozy cabin musy have never tasted better.

So, now for the second dream. To go cross-country skiing behind a husky. The next day, we decided to go back to Vålådalen for a cross-country round. My friend Camilla, who lives in Åre, came along and brought her dog Bowie, a husky-German sheperd mix and the most beautiful and kind dog I know. Camilla skied behind Bowie, and I thought this looked as dangerous as fun, so you can imagine how happy I was when Camilla asked if I wanted to try skiing behind Bowie. That, my ladies, was one of the funniest things I've ever done!

After some incredible days in Jämtland, it was time to go home, tired in body but high on life. Only now do I truly understand how one can become obsessed with mountains, just like with the sea, there is something magnetic about them that draws you in. It was definitely not my last ski tour; I'm already dreaming of next winter.

My thoughts on what has worked for me to experience my dream adventures:

  • Dare to say what you dream about; maybe there's someone like Jennie who picks it up and takes you along.
  • Abandon thoughts that it's too late; I'm too old to learn this. It's never too late!
  • Challenge the feeling that it's okay to be a beginner. Just because I have many super-talented skiers among my friends doesn't mean I should compare myself to them.

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