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Artikkeli: Surfing on the Swedish west coast, with Sara Bjurbäck

Surfing on the Swedish west coast, with Sara Bjurbäck

Surfing on the Swedish west coast, with Sara Bjurbäck

Are you also into surfing, but sometimes feel that living in the Nordics is holding you back? Fewer spots, unpredictable conditions, thick wetsuits and freezing water. We get it. We were kind of stuck on the same page there for a minute, until we spoke to the inspiring surf-chick and marketer Sara Bjurbäck

Hi Sara, we know you are a passionate surfer, oat lover and brilliant marketer. Are we right? And is there something you think most people don’t know about you?

Aww you’re sweet! Well, haha, maybe this: when growing up in the northern town Umeå, I spent endless hours playing floorball. I went to Riksidrottsgymnasiet trying to pursue an elite career. But somewhere I realized I had to compromise too much of my everyday life, choice of working career and time spent with loved ones while doing it – so after graduation I just quit and decided to try something new, and went to Norway to start a new job as a flight attendant!

Sara is wearing the Navy Minna Minimalist in size M.
Photo: Simon Lautrup

What made you move from the north of Sweden to the west coast? Any local gems you feel like sharing?

After Umeå I spent a year in Norway and one year in Australia. And sometime in between those countries I decided I wanted to be a wedding planner since I always loved to organize all kind of events and to get people together. So it was actually the wish to study Event Management that brought me back to Sweden and more precisely to Varberg.

My must-visits when on the west coast:

  • Try surfing! During spring to fall there are plenty of surf schools located in Apelviken (Varberg) that are eager to welcome you into the surf community and teach you how to surf.
  • Visit Strömma Farmlodge for some nice live music, food, unique souvenir shopping and just the best vibe!
  • Go for a cold water swim at Damernas (nude bath for women)! People have been doing it for ages and it’s supposed to make you healthy and live longer! When I am home in Varberg, I try to go there 2 mornings a week and it makes me feel so calm yet energized.

Photo: Simon Lautrup

What does nature do to you, and has that relationship changed over the years?

Nature makes me feel present, fills me with energy and at the same time it makes you humble. Especially, my love for the ocean has grown in recent years. I tried surfing before I went to Varberg but it wasn't until I returned to Sweden that I actually got hooked and bought my own board and wetsuit. Which is ironic considering that I had just lived in Australia with perfect peelers and bikini weather, but apparently I needed the challenging freezy toes and stormy shoppy waves to fall in love, haha!

Photo: Simon Lautrup

What made you initiate the surf contest Varberg Longboard Open?

I just felt that the cold water surf community was blooming in Sweden (and more specifically longboarding) but no one seemed to celebrate or appreciate it as it deserved to be. I wanted an event that could bring like-minded people together and just celebrate the happiness we share for the waves! Being a surfer in Sweden is not the easiest thing, it’s hard to predict waves, you usually go out surfing when it's a storm (in Varberg at least) and it requires a 6/5/4 thick wetsuit during the coldest months. Not to mention the struggle with daylight! I just saw all these people (many of them friends) who rearranged their whole life around being able to surf – and I just found it so interesting and well needed to share a light on!

Also, to be honest, I graduated as an Event Manager in the middle of a pandemic where big gatherings were not allowed = not many job opportunities for me. This gave me some extra time to think about how I could build my portfolio with a non-profit event! So with everything bad that has come with the pandemic, it did also bring some good opportunities. For me, having the time to plan and arrange the passion projekt with Varberg Longboard Open.

Photo: Jonathan Strömberg

How do you spend your days?

It is hard to coordinate your life with daily jobs, relationships, family and trying to get as much surf as possible. Therefore I am so happy I found, which is a start-up with a mission to help improve the Swedish public health with more fibers. I joined them as a marketing coordinator about a year ago and I love to see the journey we’ve made so far! If you haven’t heard about before – you have to check it out! I’m definitely sneaking in some good words about the product here, cause it genuinely is the best bars I ever tried. And like Astrid Wild, they are focusing on a local production and doing things with a high standard of quality. Which isn’t something to take for granted either with clothes or food!

Photo: Jonathan Strömberg

Do you have any life motto and how do you act on it?

To be honest, I often just think about If I was laying on my deathbed – what would I have wished I did more of? Maybe it sounds a bit depressive but I assure you it's not! It has made me do more of the things I love and challenged me to live life to the fullest. Because to be real, we can die tomorrow and if I do so – I want to make sure I did the most of it!

Photo: Jonathan Strömberg

How do you like your Minna Minimalist Fleece Jacket?

Where do I start?! I had really high expectations before I got my hands on it, because the branding was so nice and you had so many cool ladies talking positive about AW - but it sure did not disappoint! It is the most cozy, warm and functional - yet stylish piece in my wardrobe! I use it when I go surfing as well as in my home office or when I'm out having a coffee with friends. It suits any occasion and once you get it, you do not want to take it off! Also, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people wondering where It’s from - I understand many are seeking the perfect minimalistic outdoor fleece and this truly is the one they’ve been looking for!

Photo: Simon Lautrup

Thank you, Sara, for awakening our cold water stokes. Make sure to check out, and follow her journeys on IG – and if you wanna read more about surfing in the Nordics, this one's for you!

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