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Artikkeli: Nuuksio, a Finnish treasure.

Nuuksio, a Finnish treasure.

Nuuksio, a Finnish treasure.

We finally made it to Finland to check out our co-founder Jemina’s hoods. Jemina is born and raised in the Helsinki area, a city where nature isn’t far away. Not only is the city located near the ocean, it’s also just about an hour's drive to the majestic national park of Nuuksio, one of Finland’s top nature attractions.

With its typically Finnish scenery, lovely lakes, green forests, and rugged crags, Nuuksio is a popular nature escape for both tourists and Helsinki's locals. 

We asked our new friends Katri and Olivia, active Nuuksio-goers if they could show us around. Both have spent a lot of time in the park, and they were quick to point out one of their favorite spots, a viewpoint with sights over one of the 80 lakes. 

We started walking, and the first light of the day came sneaking upon us. (Yep, November in Finland means sun isn’t up until 9-ish) But all good, we got the park pretty much to ourselves, maybe since we were the only ones crazy enough to get up that early as Finland secured their spot in the next years' European championship the night before. 

We heard the phrase “Finland, A European Canada,” and Nuuksio proved it right. It was like stepping right into a fairytale or a Lord of The Rings Movie. From the very first step, we were surrounded by hundred years old pine trees, waterfalls, and moss-covered cliffs. We were amazed to discover such untouched wilderness so close to the city! Plus points to the incredible service level provided in the park, there’s plenty of marked trails, campfires, and cabins around.

We came to the lake in perfect time for the morning coffee and yeah, what a place to have your first brew at right?

We love these types of weekend getaways where we can pop from city to nature and then back again, wearing the same outfit. After all, that’s how we designed our clothes. And, of course, we were curious to hear what Katri and Olivia had to say about the Astrid Wild Outdoor Uniform.

Katri: “I could totally see myself wearing the clothes while hiking, but also in front of a fireplace. The top is very nice, and something I could wear pretty much everywhere, with jeans too for instance. The pants I'd wear for hiking, but I could very well see my mother wearing them in her garden too! It’s hard to pick a favorite between the top and the fleece. But maybe still the fleece, mainly because it was so warm and comfy.”

Olivia: “About the pants, super comfortable and functional without compromising any of the style or elegance aspects. They were warm and stretchy, allowing me to move the way I wanted. I also loved the earthy beige color of them. A true must-have for an active outdoor person who also wants to look good!”

Katri is 177 cm tall, wearing the Astrid Avant-Garde Outdoor Pants in Green, size 38 and the Minna Wool Fleece Jacket in Camel, size L.  

Olivia is 174 cm tall, wearing the Astrid Avant-Garde Outdoor Pants in Camel, size 36 and the Minna Wool Fleece Jacket in White and Black, size S and M. 

Thanks' girls for showing us your favorite spots in Nuuksio, we really hope to be back soon. If you’re keen on exploring Nuuksio, take a look here to find maps and all necessary information. Until next adventure, have a lovely day everybody!

Maria & Jemina

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