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Artikkeli: Life coaching tips and island life - with Louise Edwinsson

Life coaching tips and island life - with Louise Edwinsson

Life coaching tips and island life - with Louise Edwinsson

We had a chat with the yoga teacher, life coach and outdoorsy surfer chica Louise Edwinsson. From a hectic city life to a mindful way of living close to nature, on the beautiful island, Gotland. If you want some advice from a life coach, on how to live a more meaningful life - well, then continue reading!

Hi Louise, you're a surfer, outdoor lover, life coach, yoga teacher and nurse student, how would you describe yourself? 

A curious, positive and brave extrovert with loads of energy and empathy. I’m also pretty funny. Tend to move my body and soul through the world which has taken me physically and spiritually to many different places 

Louise is wearing the burgundy Minna Minimalist Wool Fleece in size Medium. 

A few years ago you quit your career in fashion to start a life coaching business, how did that happen?

I was working as a consultant and felt that despite a good salary and the freedom consultwork gave me, I had that nagging feeling that had haunted me for some years, that my work and what we did all day was so… meaningless. I went to a life coach and thought ”hey THIS is what the companies actually pay me for” and went on to learn the skills and then I just… started!

You live on the beautiful Swedish island Gotland, a place where many people go in the summers, but not that many stay during winter. What made you move there and how has that decision changed your perspectives on life? 

Gotland is a dreamy island for many (It was also in the back of my head for some years to go on a good surf prognosis but it never happened... ). At the same time as I quit consulting in fashion I also left a relationship and really started to ask myself ”What is important in life, what makes me feel good and how can I get more of that”. All my friends were getting married, having kids etc. 

Nature was a key ingredient in this puzzle. So was the surf and the ocean. And it wasn’t city-life anymore… 

On a surf trip in Indonesia I was surfing with this 70yr old man who lives in Gotland. He was talking soooo warm about it and in my mind I was thinking ”perhaps I should try to move there…” and then 3months later I met Simon, who lives at Gotland, fell in love and decided to move immediately as surf, ocean, nature was all part of the key ingredients. And ofc I was (still am) in love. He also had a surf van and lots of surfboards so it was an easy choice haha..

It has changed many perspectives.

I live a completely different life here compared to Mariatorget in Stockholm! I am more grounded, have a closer relationship to nature (lying naked by the ocean as I write this) and happier for the smaller things. I have scaled down, don’t want to consume expensive “whateverstuff”, and have more gratitude. More calmness. And respect mother earth in a new way I was not able to do in Mariatorget.

What’s the best / worst thing about living on a remote island? 

I guess the above is the best thing about it! 

I live by the ocean, I don’t have very big expenses so it creates more space to have TIME to sleep, eat well, move my body, surf, be in nature and stay very healthy.

The worst: well- the opposite!!! Haha! 

I miss my friends! I miss having the girls night out, go out for a drink or parties etc. Ofc I can easily (just a 4h trip away hah) go to see them, but it isn't the same. That’s the hardest part- it can be lonely. And a bit boring! Haha!

What’s surfing like in Gotland? Do you prefer cold or warm water these days?

Surfing. Well. It can get pretty frikkiiiin good! It’s not as consistent as Varberg- but the days when it’s working we are so grateful to be here! 

I prefer the autumn! Still warm in the water- but some good size! Like October or September mmmm…. I used to like the winters- less crowd- but yeeeeeez in February its like an hour in the water and then I gotta get up….

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to move from the big city to live closer to nature? 

My advice is to not take it too seriously, try one year, evaluate and then just move back if it isn’t for you! If you have an apartment just rent it out in Andra hand! If you have a job just take Tjänstledigt to study - that’s how I started my first journey to leave the city to try a different lifestyle some 10yrs ago. You are legally entitled to do so in Sweden if you have a fulltime job and been there for a while!

And if you don’t have a job or a home- great! Then even easier!

Can you share a simple life coaching task that helps us live a more meaningful life? 

One simple yet challenging task: 

Take a pen, a notebook, sit for an afternoon in silence, or with a friend, and take the time to reflect and ask yourself: 

- What’s really important to me? What ’s already in my life and what do I long for to include more of? Rate it in order of importance. 

For me for example I noticed that nature was more important to me than my family. This is the reality. Therefore I could, at this stage of my life, move from my family in Stockholm. I’m not saying it’s easy. But be honest to yourself! 

It’s also important to understand that values and wishes change overtime. And what’s meaningful for YOU is not the same for someone else! 

I re-evaluate this every year! And I’m open to change too. I’m guessing by the time I’m 50 I will feel different…

Thank you Louise for the lovely chat. Make sure to check out, and follow her journey on IG – and if you wanna read more about how to live a life you can truly thrive, this one’s for you! Or if you want to read other inspiring stories, head over to our Wild Women blog!

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