Hiking is the new yoga. Or?

Some weeks ago, Astrid Wild took off to visit the Josefine and Martina who run Soul Space Retreat, a radiant duo of yogis who set space to live on an island in Stockholm's archipelago, community-style. Soul Space is according to themselves, more than just a yoga retreat, it’s a complete experience for the mind, body & soul, taking place in India, France and in Stockholm, Sweden. 

We wanted to go visit them to experience what life in the archipelago would look like on a day-to-day basis. Instead of escaping the city during weekends, they decided to try living the other way around - combining nature with their entire lifestyle, and only travel to the city when needed. 

We followed them on a walk and witnessed them dancing on the dock, meditating in the forest, hugging plenty of trees, spotting birds and laughing laid back in the pure moss. Small things we usually take for granted, which in many ways can be vital for our physical as well as mental health. 

Josefine is wearing the Astrid Avant-Garde Outdoor Pants in Green, size 36, the Aleksandra Merino Wool Top in Dusty Pink, size M and the Minna Wool Fleece Jacket in White, size S. 

Martina is wearing the Astrid Avant-Garde Outdoor Pants in Camel, size 38 and the Minna Wool Fleece Jacket in Black, size M.

"As I love wearing my UGGs all year round, the Astrid Avant-Garde Outdoor Pants suited me perfectly as I can pop the flared leg in the boots when walking in the forest" - Martina

Josefine started doing some yoga on the cliffs. We hope this proves how stretchy the pants really are, almost like a yoga pant, right?

Over lunch we shared our experience of taking a leap of faith, going after your dreams, not knowing if this new lifestyle will stop you from ever meeting a like-minded partner and so on. 

Maria and Josefine both went to business school together back in the days, but it wasn’t until Maria attended the very first yoga retreat Josefin arranged in France 5 years ago, they first met. Martina previously worked as a lawyer at Mannheimer Swartling, and Maria and her both quit their daily 9-5 jobs at the same time to follow their passion and start their own businesses. Martina tells us she hasn't looked back a single day since she left her former position. 

It’s not unusual to find yourself staring at the crossroads at some point in your life, looking for clarity with no idea where to turn. But, if your gut tells you to take a leap, no matter how scary it feels, always trust it." - Martina

We also got to talk a little bit about the connection between yoga and nature. How to elevate the effects of yoga and meditation. We asked them if hiking is the new yoga, or if it really had to be one or the other? That’s when Josefine shared her dream about doing outdoor yoga clothing pieces. A full-body outdoor yoga suit, with gloves and socks, to protect from us from cold weather. Pretty much like the purpose of a wetsuit, but for yoga on land. Anyone else out there who thinks we should make this? And hey, if you do yoga outdoors, is it then an outdoor activity?

Sometimes we feel the common perception about what “outdoors” is, is too narrowly defined and we just love to hear these out of the box ideas coming from people who don't care about labels but are outspoken nature lovers. 

We went for another walk around the island, cheered on some cows, picked apples straight from the tree and filled our lungs with a great amount of fresh air. Jemina showed off her ballet skills and we felt so much joy from just being there, in the silence and peace that occurs in the wild.

In the afternoon it was time for us to head back to the hustle and bustle of the city. We were so relaxed after a day spent away from society, we almost missed the ferry. It’s crazy how fast nature calms you down and puts your mind back in order.

Short and sweet, we’re so happy we got to visit these ladies and they for sure inspired us to someday live a bit more as they do, reconnecting with mother nature as a part of their daily routine and living wild in the archipelago. 

If you feel tempted to try out one of their retreats, don’t wait too long, we heard the next one, in Goa India, is soon fully booked. Here is how they described their sacred spot, Khola Beach

“During winter there is no other place we would rather be. We live on a deserted paradise beach, surrounded by the jungle, nestled amongst coconut palm trees, the perfect place to escape the winter and connect deep within. A place where time appears to stand still and everything is even more magical than you could imagine.” - Josefine and Martina

Contact Josefine & Martina at retreat@soulspaceretreat.com to book a week in paradise!

Sincerely, Maria & Jemina

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