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Artikkeli: A wild Advent. Astrid Wild x Bast x Dalum

A wild Advent. Astrid Wild x Bast x Dalum

A wild Advent. Astrid Wild x Bast x Dalum

On the very first Advent Sunday, we invited a bunch of women from our community to welcome the winter outdoor season together with our friends at Bast and Dalum. Wow, what a day! Fluffy snow, hot saunas, yummy food, and connecting with new women from our wild community. 

The event started with some mulled wine served in the iconic Swedish kåsa from Light My Fire .

After a hot drink, it was time to get brave. Cold swims and sauna in the portable sauna tents from Bast, were on the schedule. 

We were really impressed with all the women who entered the cold water without a doubt. Maybe by knowing they could enjoy the hot sauna helped them slow down their breathing in the cold water even more. 

After hanging out in the saunas, it was time for an outdoor cooking class led by Tobias, one of the co-founders of Dalum who started off teaching us his best tricks for making a fire outdoors. 

After that, Dalums saffron pancakes, cinnamon buns, and coffee were on the menu, so delicious! 

We are so grateful for everyone who came to share this wonderful day with us and we hope it inspires you, who’s reading this to spend more time outdoors this winter! 

/ Astrid Wild team 

Keen to read about more winter adventures? Here is a blog from a trip to winter wonderland (link to one of the Sälen blog posts)

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