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Artikkeli: A full moon kayaking dream. ♡

A full moon kayaking dream. ♡

A full moon kayaking dream. ♡

You know that week in June when it never gets dark, and all bright things are in front of us? That’s the week of the Nordic celebration “Midsummer”. The week when we decided to head out and test drive our new summer products. Or... Who are we trying to fool? That's just an excuse for a yearly hang out with a sweet group of friends in the wild. 

Anyhow, "kayaking is fun", we said – so let’s head out to Stockholm’s archipelago! Starting from Stavsnäs and ‘Get Out Kayaks excellent hub, we got equipped with everything one could need for an amazing day at sea. 

But first, let’s introduce you to our crew:

Vanessa – our bubbly friend, ambassador and chief color advisor. Maybe you’ve seen her pretty smile on our new printed card? She loves climbing, hiking and skiing. Not an avid kayaker, until now! 

Anki – A new friend of ours that you’ll soon see more of, hint. What a woman, so many dimensions of movement going on. She does pole dancing, paddle, surfing, and yeah, kayaking of course! 

Malin – The creative wiz who helped us from start bringing our dreams and creative expressions to life, by framing our values through the camera lens. Lucky for us we catched her in between a surf sesh in Biarritz and house hunting at Gotland.

And then there’s us, Jemina and Maria. Strangely enough we didn’t stick to the film. But we think you know our faces already. *wink

After departing from Stavsnäs, we arrived at Norra Berghamn. A dreamy little island with everything we could ask for + cliffs perfect for sunset views and a quiet, private beach – 100% score!

Since you always get a bit wet when kayaking, it’s very convenient that our new outdoor shorts are both lightweight and air-dries within seconds!

We also did test drive our new tent, and even though we didn’t have time to stay the night it made a perfect basecamp for all our gear. 

Mmmm, at this point we were quite hungry and drooling over the summer inspired food we brought with us. New potatoes, rom, sour cream, radishes, cheese and loads of berries. *Silent moment enjoying our food.*

But, never a hike without making “pinnbröd”. A real classic throwing us back to the scouts in fifth grade. 

After stuffing our bellies with food, the best moment of all snuck upon us. Just being in the present moment, appreciating the right of public access, and summer being ahead of us, opening up for many more eves like this.

After our “oh so zen” moment, we noticed the mossies were starting their own feast, and it was time for us to do the dishes, pack up and paddle back home. And hey, like the night wasn’t magical enough already – la luna showed her pretty face on the evening sky. Paddling in full moon light – well that’s life here and now. 

To quote Anki: "We found a fantastic windless bay where we made a fire and enjoyed our dinner and the sunset. But the most memorable thing from the evening is the trip back home, where Vanessa and I slid forward in our kayak, the water bubbling beneath us and the full moon that lit up the sea as our safety. It was a very peaceful breathtaking ride!"

And like Vanessa said: “Lots of laughter combined with the complete stillness of nature on a regular Monday evening after work, can it get any better?

We hope this made you even more tempted for summer night adventures, need any gear? Check out our bestsellers!

Enjoy your summer chicas! 

/Team Astrid

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