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Artikkeli: Astrid Wild tips: Surf in Sweden

Astrid Wild tips: Surf in Sweden

Astrid Wild tips: Surf in Sweden

Astrid Wild gives you 4 tips about Sweden's best surf spots, for beginners and for more experienced surfers, where you can get help with both renting a surfboard and surf lessons.

Surf on Gotland 

Surflogiet on Gotland: Let's start with Gotland, a Swedish gem for surfers. More and more people are discovering the charm of surfing on Gotland. With the shimmering waves of the Baltic Sea and brisk winds, the island becomes a perfect place for exciting challenges against the forces of nature. Gotland's 80-mile-long coastline is a fantastic location for your surfing experience. 

On the west coast of Gotland, right next to the beach and surrounded by hundred-year-old pinetrees, you'll find Surflogiet. It's a little paradise rooted in surf culture with a deep commitment to the lifestyle that characterizes the place and how we take care of the earth we live on. At Surflogiet, you can, among other things, rent a surfboard and SUP and also learn stand-up paddleboarding and e-foil.

Read more here.

Surf in Österlen

Österlen Surfcenter: If you're eager to surf in Österlen, we can recommend Österlen Surfcenter. Run by licensed surf instructor Måns Olofssin since 2020, it stands out as one of Sweden's most authentic surf schools, located in Kivik. They offer wave surfing lessons, surfboard rentals, and SUP rentals. With a beautiful beach setting and proximity to Stenshuvud, the location attracts both beginners and experienced surfers. In recent years, the operation has expanded by offering activities such as family adventures and customized tours at sea, lakes, and rivers. 

You can find more information here.

Surf on the West Coast

Surfers Paradise in Varberg: Varberg, located on Sweden's west coast, is a charming and historical city that is enticed by its beautiful beaches. If you're looking to surf in Varberg, Surfers Paradise is the place to be, boasting the largest store for surfing equipment in the Nordic region. They offer everything for windsurfing, wave surfing, kitesurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding. At Surfers Paradise , you can rent a surfboard and participate in various courses. The staff consists of experienced water enthusiasts with many years of expertise, always striving to improve and enhance the surfing experience for all.

Read more (in swedish) here.

Namasea surf school in Halmstad: With its proximity to the sea and beautiful beaches, Halmstad exudes a special atmosphere that attracts many visitors. In Halmstad, you'll discover Namasea Surf School, perfect for those looking to catch their first waves or refine their technique before venturing out on their own. Here, you'll receive a theory lesson before hitting the water, followed by going through surf technique on the beach and then continuing in the water, and lastly, the session concludes with feedback on the shore.

Read more (in Swedish) here.

Surf in Stockholm

Do you live close to Stockholm and are more of an experienced surfer? Here is a bonus tip for you!

Torö: Torö Stenstrand is the East Coast's premier destination for surf enthustiasts, boasting a well-established surf culture. Surfing at Torö is tailored for those more experienced in the sport, seeking a challenge in the water. As soon as the wind conditions permit, a diverse group of enthusiasts in wind, wave, and kite surfing gather here, making it a year-round hub for surf excitement!

Read more here

You can join Torö surf Facebook page here.

 Read about swedish surfer Sara Bjurbäck here.

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