Outdoor go-to hacks – with Hanna Fridh

After virtually discovering the pulsing life of Hanna Fridh on the gram – (which hit us like a boost of endorphins for that matter) we got so inspired we decided to reach out and share the cake with you. 

Hi Hanna, you're a Naprapath student, outdoor junkie and personal trainer. Did we forget some important information? 

You got it all right! 28 years old (young) living in Stockholm. Working as a strength and conditioning coach, PT and in sports medicine. Loves skiing, sweaty workouts and coffee. I need a lot of coffee. Haha.

Looking at your instagram, I can see you have such a strong passion for health, training and the outdoors (we get really inspired to move our bodies and go outdoors!) Has it always been like that? And what did the road to where you are today look like?

When I grew up being outdoors was always the normal. My parents took me and my brothers out every weekend on hikes, ski trips or took us out on small adventures. I’m so thankful for them teaching me everything about life outdoors. Making a fire, kayaking, skiing, the name of different kinds of trees. You name it. My dad always wanted me to learn how to read a map but to be honest I’m still very bad, even after years of doing my own adventures.

Coming from a sporty family with two parents who always went for a run and prioritized their health, working out has been a natural part of my everyday life. After a few years in the restaurant business, I started my journey to be a trainer when I was 23 y/o. It was a one year long education including a lot of outdoor life. We went on hikes and slept outdoors, ski tours up north and ran in the deep woods after school. Since then I’ve been working in the training business and since 2019 I’m also studying to become a naprapath. One year until I’ll get my exam and I cannot wait!

We know you're recovering from a leg surgery, how do you motivate yourself to get back on track? 

Yes exactly. I did a fantastic powder run down Lillskutan in Åre with a bunch of amazing people during new years. Unfortunately I got a little too stoked, took a wrong turn and crashed. Got an early MRI that showed a completely torned ACL. I was so sad, I think I cried for two days straight.

Getting back on skis will take around 9-12 months and these first 8 weeks from surgery has been really really tough. 

I try to stay motivated by surrounding myself with good people who’s cheering on me everyday. So thankful for that. But to be honest - just do your rehab. It’s all about blood, sweat and tears. Hours and hours in the gym and on the bike but I wanna come back stronger next season. It won’t be easy but I’ll make sure my legs are prepared for some ski touring from december. 

I’d rather do fun things and challenge myself with the risk of getting injured, than staying on the safe side for the rest of my life. I’m still young, strong and got so many years left of doing crazy fun stuff.

We know you live in the big city of Stockholm, what's your everyday go-to hack when you're missing nature? Do you have any fav local spots you wanna share? 

Bring your friends out for a classic Swedish fika! Make a big thermos of coffee, spread some sandwiches and just go out. Bring an extra shell layer (or the Minna fleece!), find a good spot and enjoy. Coffee is always better outdoors. And if you want to impress your friends - make ”kolbullar” with lingonberries for lunch. Everyone will love it.

Same-slingan in Paradiset is a favorite, and I have also spent a lot of time in Tyresta national park. Björnö and Björkvik at Ingarö brings back my childhood memories so I go there every now and then. My pro-tip is getting up early in the morning, before everyone else. Go for a run and finish with a bath in the summer. Can’t be any better. 

Do you have any tips for women who're curious to start adventuring on skis?

Hook up with other women who is more experienced. I would suggest to join some adventure and outdoor groups on facebook, there is always other ladies up for an adventure! Go on arranged ski trips and, and remember you can always rent gear, you don’t need to buy everything new. A good base layer, warm socks and a positive mind is all you need to start with. 

And most important if you want to go ski touring: before heading out, make sure to complete an avalanche training course that teaches you the basics of avalanche terrain management.

What's your relationship to nature and how has it changed over time? Do you have a life motto? 

I’m fascinated and scared and the same time. When I was younger, I hated when it was cold outside. But now I love it. Looking at the weather report, packing my bag, putting on layer after layer and preparing for a day outdoors is what I love the most.

Nature improves my mood, focus and works problem-solving for me. It’s humbling. Just thinking about the next track, the next run, when to eat and to put sunscreen on your nose. Simple living. 

And remember Sweden is the most amazing country since we have ”Allemansrätten”. You can hike almost wherever you want, sleep outdoors etc. Make sure you take care of mother nature and bring back your trash, follow the rules and cause no harm.

And finally, how do you like your Amelia Hiking Pants? 

I love the Amelia Hiking Pants for it’s high waist, soft yet durable material and good fit. I have always had trouble finding pants that fits my kind of small waist but big (and strong) thighs but the Amelia pant has the nicest fit. I wear them on casual strolls on a Sunday in Stockholm with a take away coffee, or going on mountain trips out north with a base layer underneath. The green color is my favorite.

Hanna is wearing the Amelia Hiking Pants in Green.

Thank you Hanna for sharing your tips, tricks & love for the great outdoors with us. Don't forget to check out her inspiring account, we promise your legs will start to jiggle! And if you don't feel done reading yet, discover more funky ladies in our Wild Women blog!

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