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Artikel: Finding your voice in nature - with Joulin Younis

Finding your voice in nature - with Joulin Younis

Finding your voice in nature - with Joulin Younis

We are so excited to be sharing an inspiring conversation with Joulin Younis, a passionate musician deeply rooted in both music and nature. She talks about her journey from having stage fright to nurturing her family's musical heritage, how nature influences her creativity, and how Astrid Wild clothing has transformed her outdoor experiences.

How did you come to take up music as an adult?

Music has been part of our family for many generations. Over the years, we've played and sung around kitchen tables and fires, and during my childhood, it felt like nothing more than everyday life. But as an adult, I've realized what a gift and privilege it has been to grow up like that.

I've dreamed of a musical career for as long as I can remember but never believed it was possible for me because I've had an enormous stage fright that hindered my dreams. But then, just a few years ago, it suddenly struck me that the music—the heritage—would die out if no one continued to nurture it. It had been such a natural part of my life that I simply took for granted, that it would always be there. And that scared me. So right then and there, I made a promise to myself to do everything in my power to set aside the stage fright, to pass on the heritage, and to make sure that our children and their children know what a beautiful gift we carry with us. And somewhere around there, my musical journey began.

Is there a connection between music and nature for you?

Definitely! I grew up in a small village in the middle of the forest outside Kramfors, High Coast, and a large part of my songs are connected to that forest, to home, in some way. I write about things I know: my feelings and memories, my experiences, and my history, I am a creature sprung from the forest, so it is more the rule than the exception that nature and the forest shape my music.

How does a song come to life?

For me, so far, without exception, it has been in nature that my songs have come to life. Whether it's been hiking in the mountains, forest walks, stroller walks, or the daily way to the bus, it's always outdoors that inspiration speaks. It usually starts with me humming a melody or getting a phrase in my head, and then I have to quickly record it on voice memo on my phone so I don't forget. Once a song has started to take shape, I prefer to leave the digital behind and write down my ideas in my songbook. There is something very meditative and romantic about sitting down with a guitar and a notebook and experimenting.

Many times, I have an idea of what I want a song to be about, and I've learned that if a song idea sticks with me for a long time, it's there for a reason, and I fully trust that it will come to me when it (or I) am ready. Now and then, I suffer from so-called "writer's block" and can't move forward with the writing, and then nature is where I turn, every time, for help. It has happened a few times that after a morning in the park with my son, for example, I've told my husband that I need a few minutes before coming inside because I have to "unlock a song text."

Joulin is wearing our Amelia hiking pants in the color Camel in the size 42.

What do you think about your Astrid Wild clothes?

Astrid Wild has completely changed my view on outdoor clothing. For so many years, I searched high and low for a pair of hiking pants adapted to my body and my needs, which included a high waist and stretch. I was so tired of the market's offerings with pink zippers and low waists, and when I stumbled upon Astrid Wild by chance, I knew I would never look elsewhere when it comes to outdoor clothing again as they not only met my clear needs but also ones I didn't know I had. For me, there are no outdoor clothes that beat these in appearance and comfort. 

Today, I have a pair of Astrid outdoor pants (which I use both in the forest and at work), a pair of Amelia hiking pants, and a wool fleece jacket made in collaboration with Joanna Swica, and I absolutely love these garments and wear them all the time. On my wish list right now are a complete wool base layer with Ingrid long pants and an Aleksandra top, a pair of Ester hiking shorts, and an Ada wool fleece.

Thank you so much, Joulin, for sharing your inspiring journey and passionate relationship with music and nature! Don't forget to follow her on Instagram to join her musical adventures and nature-filled life. If you want to read a similar story about getting out of your comfort zone and creativity, we recommend this one.

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