Tips and tricks that will make your hike easier - Women’s edition.

We made a list of tips and smart hike hacks from outdoor women, found on different forums on the internet. You’ve got anything you think is missing on your list? Send us an email at so we can add it!


Thigh chafing

Warmth + friction = ouch! It is hard to avoid thighs rubbing against each other while hiking, but you can ease and counteract chafing! We thought of this when designing our Elsa Outdoor Shorts. They are slightly longer, have an A-line fit and extra soft fabric which prevents irritation. If you want even more protection, then you can add an anti chafe balm from The Skin Agent, which reduces friction and countervails redness. They come in 75 ml and 25 ml


Do you also get sweaty between or under your boobs? Or are you the opposite and your boobs freeze easily?

The solution for that is a bra in merino wool. It breathes and is more temperature regulating than normal bras. Merino wool is also sweat-wicking and more odor-less than synthetic materials. You’ll simply feel a bit cleaner with a merino bra. If you don’t find any merino wool bras in your size, it can help to search in the section for nursing bras. They often come in bigger sizes as well and can be in merino wool. And a nipple shield can protect cold nipples from rubbing against a shirt. 



A lot of women like and recommend a menstrual cup. Light weight, easy and comfortable. You dig a little hole, empty the cup, dry off the cup with paper or water and put it back. The thorough cleaning is done after your period has ended. The cup can also be sterilized by leaving it in boiling water for at least 5 minutes and will take up minimal space in your backpack. The most important thing however, is to use what you are used to and know works for you. And you should of course never leave tampons, pads, liners or toilet paper in nature, instead bring it with you and throw it in a trash can later. 

In case you prefer using tampons or pads during your hike there is degradable pads and tampons. A recommendation from our community is NatraCare. Some of our Astrid Wilders brought them back when doing shorter hikes but it's always nice to know that you can let nature take care of it if you want to leave them behind. Just remember it could be a good thing to dig a pit a bit further from your camping spot in case there will be animals (predators) around. 

Bloated belly

Period, food baby or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Sometimes the stomach gets bloated and it can feel even worse when you’re outdoors and the pants pinch your waist. We just have to recommend our beloved Amelia Hiking Pants for this, since they come with an adjustable waist! They are created with a comfortable mechanism combining an elastic band and a unicolour velcro tape. You can adjust the waist approximately 15-30 cm depending on size. Check out our Rosa Hiking Tights as well, which also have an adjustable waist, or Elsa Cargo Pants and Ester Outdoor Shorts which have an elastic waistband. 



Finding it hard to do your duties outdoors?

It can feel uncomfortable to take off all the layers and squat down while you’re exposed and not able to move, hoping no one will pass by right this minute, especially when it’s hard to find any cover. If it feels stressful then a portable urination device can be something for you. With one of them you can stand up while peeing and you don’t even have to pull down your pants! From reviews it’s recommended to practice in your shower before bringing it with you on a hike. The most popular brands we have found are GoGirl and SheWee. A different tip is to just bring an opaque rain poncho and put it on before doing your toilet visits, if the nakedness of it all is what’s uncomfortable. 


Washing private parts

There are many tips for this! Bring a washing cloth which can dry in the awning of the tent after usage, swim in lakes or simply use a bit of coconut oil. We like to use coconut oil since it cleanses and moisturizes at the same time. Coconut oil can also be used for cooking and as lotion for your body. Take a little at a time when moisturizing so you don’t get sticky. There are also biodegradable cleaning clothes made from cellulose, that you can dig into the ground or place on the fire after use. A great alternative for women to keep our private parts fresh. 



A nice and light shawl can have many functions like mosquito net, towel, to protect your head, scarf when you’re cold or protection from the sun when it’s hot. 



Double pair of socks

The worst feeling must be when your feet get chafe and blisters, something which a double pair of socks can ease. You can either have a thinner sock closest to your feet and a pair of somewhat thicker socks on top in order for the shoe not to chafe against your only pair of socks and with that your feet as well. Or something that can also be worth testing is support stockings in nylon, with a pair of normal socks over. It works since the support stockings are pretty tight and so the sock on top which moves with the shoe doesn’t chafe directly against your skin. 


What does one do about underwear?

Even though underwear is small compared to other clothes it will still take up space in your backpack, especially if you’re hiking for some days. A lot of people therefore recommend using liners, which you change instead. Another option is to buy 2-3 pairs of panties in merino wool and then wash the ones you used in the evening. Let them dry in the awning of the tent or on your backpack and when they are dry they can be used again! It’s worth knowing though that merino wool takes longer to dry than underwear in cotton or polyamide. However, since wool is naturally antibacterial and doesn’t smell as easily, they will keep fresh for longer, even without being thoroughly washed. 


Do you have any tips? Send us an email and we’ll add it to the post!