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Artikkeli: Mindful in Mexico - with Yohanna Mannelqvist

Mindful in Mexico - with Yohanna Mannelqvist

Mindful in Mexico - with Yohanna Mannelqvist

We have had the honor to have a look into the life of the amazing yoga and nature lover Yohanna who spends her time in different places on earth throughout the year, but mostly in beautiful Mexico. Do you want to learn more about how to do what you want in life and how to have a healthy lifestyle? Keep reading and we can promise you will get inspired, just as we got!

Hi there Yohanna! We are curious about who you are, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I stay in Mexico City most of my time together with my wonderful dog, Nova and spend the rest of my time in California with my boyfriend on his citrus farm a couple of hours from Los Angeles. In the summertime, you can find me on the Swedish West Coast together with my beloved family. I am working as a wellness coach for women who want to build an authentic, meaningful and, balanced lifestyle through a 6-month coaching program online, and retreats. Besides that, I am a yoga teacher and a dedicated student. Is Mexico your winter home or have you moved there permanently now? What is it with this place that makes you spend the winters there? 

My home base is in Mexico City but I travel a lot privately and for work. I keep retreats in magical places around the world, such as Costa Rica, Italy and the Stockholm archipelago. In November 2024 and in February 2025 I will have my first retreats in Oxana, Mexico, which I am madly looking forward to. I lived in Tulum between 2017 and 2020 and Mexico has always welcomed me with open arms. I then moved to Stockholm during the pandemic but even though I had everything on paper, something felt off and Mexico called me back. It is a place that feels so alive with a lot of colors, personality, and culture. An extremely warm country in every way and where I feel alive to the fullest. To have retreats here feels incredible due to everything I have gone through in this place and how I have done a lot of healing and personal development right here. 

How is your relationship with nature and how has it changed over the years?

I have always had good contact with nature and it has grown stronger through the years. I grew up on the west coast in Sweden with my feet down on earth. Nature has held me through my tough times in life and it is a place I go back to when I want to find a deeper connection with myself and something bigger. To live in symbiosis with nature has been something I have explored more and more in the last few years. To study the seasons around me but also inside me. I am very interested in my hormonal cycle and how my inner cycle works as the seasonal. I have made a journey, slow and steady, to make more sustainable choices when it comes down to food, clothes and, makeup. I just love the simple and pure, which my body agrees on. 

Yohanna is wearing Minna Wool Fleece in the color camel, size M and the Astrid outdoor pants in camel, size 38 length tall

We saw that you were on an exciting adventure in Joshua Tree in California, what were you doing there?

My partner had organized a dream trip to Joshua Tree during New Year´s. We lived in the middle of the desert, went on a hike in Joshua Tree, ate good food, and went to markets. He had also hired a nature guide who told us about the flora in the area and how you could use the plants as medicine. I obviously brought my Astrid Wild set, the Minna fleece and the Astrid pants, both of them were perfect for our adventure.

No one who sees your Instagram account will miss your passion for yoga, what made you love it this much?

I have practiced yoga regularly for over 12 years now and it has supported me through the years. I found yoga when I tried to seek tools to help me feel better, and handle anxiety and worry but it gave me so much more than that. Yoga is a way to find myself, to be in my body, and feel relaxed in my soul. In that way, I can be in line with myself and navigate through all the choices in life with more security and clarity. Besides that, I love the feeling both during and after my practice, to find more space in my body and to breath deeply.

If you could give us 5 tips for women who want to live a healthier life, what would you say?

A good question. The following points are some of the ones that I use when I work with my coaching clients.

1) Build some kind of daily practice where you meet yourself through motion, stillness and, reflection to give space for introspection.

2) Learn how to regulate your nervous system and how to handle stress. Health starts with a calm nervous system.

3) Don't believe all of your thoughts, they are not all true and often not favorable. Build a lovely and helpful inner dialogue. 

4) Your self-esteem affects everything in your life and is the base for your well-being, therefore you should make your self-esteem a priority.

5) Get to know who you are and which words of value you want your life to represent, let it be your compass in life instead of buying the idea of happiness that we get from society.

Do you have any dreams for the future that you want to share with us?

I feel like I am on my way into a new phase in life. Until now I have had a lot of focus on my work that I absolutely love but further on I want to put a lot of my energy into my future family and my partner. I find a lot of meaning in my work but it should not consume all of my time. I want to be more creative in my work and in line with myself. That's my goal for 2024! I also have a dream to build a physical location in nature where I can invite people to work in symbiosis with animals and nature. 

Yohanna is wearing Minna Wool Fleece in the color camel, size M and the Astrid outdoor pants in camel, size 38 length tall

What do you think about your Minna Wool Fleece and your Astrid Outdoor Pants?

I have never in my life found more good-looking and comfortable outdoor clothes, to be switching to something else now would be hard. I use my fleece a lot in my daily life as well when I want to feel comfy and warm. And I just absolutely love the flared legs on the Astrid pants, so flattering!

Thank you Yohanna for sharing your thoughts and letting us into your life! Don't forget to follow Yohanna on her Instagram to continue being inspired by her passion for yoga and the joy of life! If you want to read another story about a woman who took her life in her own hands and followed her dream - we recommend this one!


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