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Artikkeli: Anne Barck – Dog mama of three happy Aussies!

Anne Barck – Dog mama of three happy Aussies!

Anne Barck – Dog mama of three happy Aussies!

Last week, we exchanged a few words with Anne Barck, the Finnish photographer and dog mama who's happily spending her days hiking and training with her three lovely Aussies. We got curious (as always) what it's like having 12 paws running around 24/7 and ofc, her thoughts on benefits from spending time in nature.

Anne is wearing the Amelia Hiking Pants in Navy. 

Tell us about your dog family; names, breed and personality!
My dog family includes three happy Aussies – Jedi, Leia & Katla. Jedi is almost like a big brother to Leia and Katla. He's such a teddy bear and loves nice cuddles. Leia and Katla are just such besties. They're more like fast and furious as they love to run, race and wrestle.

Did you grow up with dogs?
I have dreamt of my own dog for as long as I can remember. I didn't have my own dog until I was 12 years old. It was like a dream come true, and it was wonderful growing together. Fast forward to today, I live by myself, and suddenly have three more dogs. I totally fell in love, that’s what happened.

How does living a life with dogs side by side, change your perspectives on life?
With dogs, I have learned to love the small things in my everyday life, and pause for the moment. Also, without my dogs, I would never go out in the wild as much as I do now. Head out to train my dogs or go on a hike, are among the best things I know now. The dogs have taken me on the most wonderful adventures, and they come with me wherever I go.

Does it impact your relationship to nature, if yes, how?
As we walk in nature, I more frequently stop to look at the details. How nature changes with the seasons. It’s wonderful how many variations of nature and forests there are to be found in Finland. However, when we walk in the forest, the stillness is among the things I appreciate the most, and I also notice how it makes my dogs calm down, too. Katla loves to find traces of animals, so I have learned to observe wildlife as well. Nowadays, it sometimes feels like you also have to have eyes on your back, haha.

What’s your favorite activity or place, with the dogs, outdoors?
I love a peaceful forest where you can’t meet others, and only focus on marveling at nature. I love to walk in Lapland where the vegetation is small and you can see really far. However, the local forest we visit daily is our favorite. It just feels like home.

Our favorite outdoor activities are cani cross as well as search-and-rescue. And of course, let’s not forget our photography adventures. My dogs love to pose for the camera, and photographing outdoors in nature is so much fun. My dogs also kind of know how to go to rocks and heels to wait for me to capture them. I think nature is the best studio there is.

Do you have any dream nature adventure to take on with the dogs?
Our dream adventure would be to go north for a longer trip and stay in nature. We would sleep in a tent or shed and walk across the fells. I have also dreamed of adventuring with my dogs in the mountains of Norway. Of course, the camera would also be included and the trip would be slow paced when we would stop to take photos in the stunning sceneries. The best adventure is the kind where I get to take great pictures, and hang out with my dogs.

Thank you so much Anne, for sharing a piece of your paws with us. If you wanna read more inspiring, dog-related stories, maybe this one's for you!

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