Roaming in the wild at Happie Camp ♡

After an intense spring spent mostly shuttling between concrete facades in the buzzing metropolis, every cell in our body was crying out for a place in nature to recharge our batteries. We longed for something as simple as an evergreen forest, the smell of rain-kissed moss, poor cell phone coverage, and to see the sun set on the horizon of a lake - instead of the city, for a change.

At the same time, we got an email from the sweetest Beatrice at Happie Camp, asking if we'd like to do some glamping in the scenic archipelago of south Värmland. IF that sweet invitation could have come at a better time? Probably not!

Me, Maria, Jemina, Therese and Matilda started packing our bags mentally and planning our route right away, and since we had room for one more person to join our little adventure, we of course took the opportunity to ask away on Instagram if any of YOU would like to come with us! A few days later, a new friend for life, Elisabeth Lindroth, had boarded the train from Burträsk to Stockholm to steer the wheels with us towards Värmland.

Once there, we were greeted by everything we could have wished for. A remote place far away from civilization. Surrounded by lush blueberry bushes, tall pine trees, and sloping cliffs that took turns getting drenched by waves from the lake. We shared 3 dreamy canvas tents, all overlooking the Vänern archipelago, which quite honestly almost felt a little too luxurious to be real.

We inaugurated our stay by firing up the kitchens, popping a bottle of bubbly and enjoying an incredibly creamy mushroom pasta a la Josefin Jäger - and later continued the evening by gathering around our camp fire, a moment that made us infinitely richer in laughter, deep conversation and burnt popcorn.

When we woke up the next day, we fried some pancakes and set the agenda for the day. We decided to explore Arnön and brought coffee, tea, snacks and headed out for a hike. We're not talking about marked trails here, but rather "let's try walking here and see where we end up." There's something magical about that, though. Having to watch where you put your feet, be mindful of your surroundings and move in symbiosis with nature. We walked through dense forest, dodged spruce trees, stepped over stumps and hugged blueberry rice before taking a coffee break on the headland of an islet. A magical start to the day, pure and simple.

When we got back to our camp, dark clouds rolled in over the island like a long awaited love letter. We crawled into our tents, nestled among the pillows and blankets, and rested to the orchestra of rain against our canvases. It's really something else than 'forest sounds' on Spotify, hehe.

Anyway. The skies opened up again when they probably thought we'd finished lazing around, and it was time for some washing up, doing dishes, prepping another dinner and all that stuff that actually feels quite boring to do at home - but incredibly peaceful and easy to accomplish outdoors.

The eve arrived, we ate dinner together, shared a bottle of wine and stayed up around our campfire once more, marveling at how incredibly strong, warm, humble and tenacious we women are. And finally, we even got to witness the thing we've been longing for all spring - to see the sun set on the horizon of a lake, instead of the city.

Thank you so much Beatrice & Happie Camp for giving us the HONOR to visit your beautiful gem - and thank you Elisabeth, Matilda, and Therese for letting us share these amazing days with you!

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