Maja Hansson – A magical trip to the islands of Lofoten.

In this week's blog, we’re following Maja Hansson and Anna Henriksson far up the Norwegian mountains, to one of its most beautiful natural gems – Lofoten. A place that (we believe) has a warm spot on many women's bucket lists. While pictures might speak for themselves, we couldn't help ourselves but let Maja, in her own written words, guide us through their 1-month fairytale.

“It all really started as a distant dream. With work, covid-19 and a lot of other obstacles in our way, the dream trip to Norway, Tromsø and Lofoten had always been just out of reach. Since my friend Anna moved to Tromsø, the idea has always been that we should go there and visit, but as I said, there has always been something in between. So when the restrictions for crossing the border to Norway from Sweden finally eased, we filled the car to the brim with everything we could possibly need for almost a month's adventure.

After a very long drive, we finally got to Tromsø. Once there, we arrived at my good friend Anna's and her partner Duncan's apartment in Ersfjorden. We got the luxury of sleeping in their home, and from there went on several day hikes, but also a longer trip to Gappohytte. Of course, they acted as private tour guides for us – super luxurious! They showed us around Tromsø, Lyngen and much more. It was completely magical and of course we got tips on places to see in Lofoten also.

After almost a week in Tromsø, we jumped in the car again and headed towards the "main adventure" – Lofoten, starting with the island of Senja. Norway showed its foggy and more moody side when we visited the island, which gave Senja a mystery about itself that we had never experienced before. On the ferry to the Lofoten Islands, there was a crazy lot of sea, and I got so seasick that I barely knew what to do with myself. But I recovered from the seasickness and it passed almost at once when I realized that I was finally on Lofoten. The destination that was at the top of my dream list for as long as I can remember, I was finally there. It is almost impossible for me to describe the feeling I had when I got out of the car for the first time. Just the fact that I was finally there was completely magical, but also a little overwhelming. How do you cope with having your dreams come true?

The first hike on Lofoten was up on Måtinden, the hike had a very steep and rocky start which then turned into a wonderful and completely incredible trip. It really set a great starting point for how unbelievable our journey would be. While we slowly and surely moved down to the islands, we could barely close our eyes, afraid of even missing just a moment of what Lofoten had to offer. Måtinden was just the beginning for all the tours we would do and places we would see here on Lofoten.

Lofoten has most things. Idyllic small fishing villages, white beaches, waterfalls, mountains that make your jaw drop to the ground and adventures around every corner. Honestly, I think I'm still in a dream cloud from the whole trip. It feels almost unreal that I've been there, that I've finally got to see all the places I've dreamed of for so long. To be able to pitch my tent on a beach where the view not only combined my love for the mountains, but also the part of me that loves the sea. A trip like this is one is one that you will soon forget, if that will ever be the case that is. But it also takes a while to process, just because it was so intense, but also because of how eventful it has been, how much we've seen and experienced.

We may not have had the world's turn with the weather in Lofoten, but it was not something we expected either. Then it is also the case that you forget all the boring aspects after a while, as it is only the fun and happy memories that remain with you. You never remember how hard everything feels when you camp and the rain just pours down, when everything gets wet and cold. You remember how cozy it sounds when the rain slams against the tent and how moody everything looks. You don't remember how bad you felt when you went by the ferry and got seasick, but only how it felt to arrive at a place you had never seen before and got to experience for the first time. You do not remember the mosquitoes, but you remember how much you laughed with your friends at how much pain you had in our arms the day after from waving away the mosquitoes so intensely.

Something that has permeated this entire trip has been the absolutely fantastic views, the tired but excited legs and the indescribable happiness. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to see these amazing places in real life, to have been able to breathe the fresh sea-mixed mountain air, to feel the peace and hear nothing but the silence of the mountains. I have felt freer than ever before. How the midnight sun has kissed my skin before I closed up the tent, or when the waves of the sea hit the beaches where we have sat and rested. How the wind has grabbed my hair at the top of a mountain and swept me into the wilderness. It's an absolutely incredible feeling that you only get to experience if you are there, or have been there. One conclusion I can draw from this trip is that this is where I belong and I will come back. And to answer my own question as to how to cope with having your dreams come true? You live them.”

Thank you so much Maja, for sharing your story with us. ♡

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