From high peaks down into the deep ocean - with Nicole Donvy

This week we're chatting with Nicole Donvy, a super cool chica who wore our Amelia Hiking Pants on her last hike trip to Nepal!

Hi Nicole! You are working with diving, guiding expeditions on high peaks and have moved out to the country side to live closer to nature. Is there something we have missed?

I also run a company named Stay Wild AB. The dream about the company and the name lives in as it says - Stay Wild. To be free, untamed. Right now 40% of the business is to give people unforgettable memories in nature. I guide in high mountains, everything from the Swedish Kebnekaise to mountains not higher than 7000 meters above the sea.  Then as you know I am active in the commercial diving world, which I think will provide for future projects.

What does nature mean to you? Well, the question is what I had done without it. I feel like home there. I get my peace and motivation from it. Therefor I have chosen to move from the city to live on a farm in the middle of the woods, it just feels right for my soul. 

How is it to hike in Nepal compared to The Nordic Mountains?

Nepal is like the Nordic mountains but on steroids. At the same time there is a special energy in the air among the mountains due to the locals believe that the mountains are gods. It's a big difference compared to our culture in Sweden. 

Generally mountains are loaded with a lot of strong energy .... because the earth is pulling them up from the ground. Himalaya is still growing with a few centimeters every year, and every earthquake have the ability to change the structure of the mountains a lot. 

What is your most amazing hiking or nature experience?

I must say that it's Nepal, the recent trip to Lobuche was absolutely indescribably magical. The majestic nature, the views, the food and the people made the journey completely unforgettable.

What is your advice to someone who is longing for adventure but is not quite sure where to begin?

Start with yourself. Use your imagination to envision the views you want to experience, the sounds you want to hear, and the scents you want to smell. Then, in today's society, it's just a Google search away to find other people who want or are already engaged in what you would like to experience. My final tip is to just do it. Many dreams are lost in procrastination. So just do it, google the experience, book the trip, or connect with the right people. 

Nicole is wearing Amelia hiking pants in green, size 38 in tall length

Finally, what do you think about your Amelia hiking pants?

I received so many compliments for the pants, and many wanted to know where I got them. I love them! The fit, the stretchy material, and how elegant they look. Durable and best of all, they stay clean.

Thank you, Nicole, for the delightful insight into your adventures and life choices! Don't forget to check out her Instagram and company Stay Wild. If you want to read a similar story in the mountains, we recommend this one.

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