Astrid wild in Sälen

One thing is for sure: magic always happens when women gather, create and adventure together. Our Sälen trip is living proof of that!

Day 1.

Just like last year, our souls cried out for mountains, snow and adventure, so we decided to pack our bags and go to Sälen and Grandgårdstoppen - the incredibly cozy mountain cabin with a view - a hot tip for you who are planning to rent a cabin in Sälen! Grandsgårdstoppen is located in Lindvallen and is close to the popular Experium.

We unpacked and while Matilda cooked in the kitchen, we others felt the need to burn off some energy and set off on a hike up the ski slope with our Silva headlamps lighting our way.

Our cozy cabin Grandgårdstoppen.

Wictoria is wearing Minna Minimalist Fleece in burgundy and Minna Wool Fleece-vest in black. Foto: Malin Fränberg.

Out of breath but satisfied, we reached the top and poured hot chocolate to the view of twinkling village lights and mile-long views of mountains. Quite a reward!

Once back in the cabin again, a delicious lasagna dinner was enjoyed followed by board games and lots of laughter in front of a warming fire in the stove. A perfect end to this first day!

Day 2.

Good morning mountains! We woke up early to get ready for a busy day. First out was a dog sled tour with Ludwig and his Alaskan huskies at Fjälläventyr, who offer dog sledding tours in Sälen. Excited dogs, snow-covered trees and frost-bitten clothes - what's a dog sledding adventure without all that? And yes, of course dog cuddles when you're back!

Foto by Malin Fränberg

Maria is wearing Minna Minimalist Fleece in brown & Astrid pants in camel.
Matilda is wearing Minna Wool Fleece in green.
Jemina is wearing Minna Wool Fleece in camel.
Amanda is wearing Emma 3L Shell Jacket in green.
Sanne is wearing Minna Wool Fleece in camel.

After lunch and snuggling in the cabin, we recharged our batteries to go and try out equipment and supplies from Leonarden, who has everything you could possibly need for your adventure in Sälen. In addition to their outdoor shop, they also have snowmobile rentals and arrange their own adventure trips. We got to borrow snowshoes and old wooden skis, a couple of which had been used during the Jubileumsvasa ski race, how cool?

But it wasn't quite time to use them yet, because now a visit to Lindvallen's fäbod waited for a photoshoot and cozy up with a cheese tray and some wine awaited.

Photo: Malin Fränberg 

Elin is wearing Ingrid Merino long janes + long sleeve in green.

Amanda is wearing Aleksandra Merino Wool long sleeve + Ingrid long janes in black.

Sanne is wearing Aleksandra Merino Wool long sleeve in burgundy and Ingrid long janes in green.

Matilda is wearing sig Ingrid Merino long janes + long sleeve i dusty pink.

 Day 3.

Emma and Jemina got ready for a morning on the ski slope and easily picked up a lift pass from Skistar, tip for those of you planning to ski in Sälen! The rest of the gang packed up snowshoes, wood and the wooden skis from Leonarden to go out and catch the sunrise, after all there is so much else to do in Sälen than skiing. We made a warming fire in the middle of the forest and cuddled up in our fleeces as the morning dawned. Name a better way way to start the day, I’ll wait! A perfect end to a fantastic journey, filled with laughter, adventure, creativity and friendship.

Elin is wearing Minna Wool Fleece in black & Ameliapnts in black
Amanda is wearing Ada Wool Fleece in blue & Astridpants in camel
Matilda is wearing Ada Wool Fleece in blue & Amelia in black
Sanne is wearing Minna Wool Fleece in camel & Ameliabyxorna in black

Many thanks to Grandgårdstoppen, Leonarden, Fjälläventyr, Lindvallen's shack, Skistar and Silva for making our trip so memorable!

Also thanks to Malin Fränberg, our in-house photographer for capturing our trip on camera so beautifully!

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