You need nature more than ever during the winter season - here’s why

Brace yourselves, winter is coming! But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep on adventuring outdoors. On the contrary, we need nature even more during the winter season. Here’s why:

  • It gets dark. And due to physiological aspects, we naturally get more tired.
  • …and because of the exact same physiological reasons, it’s easier to feel low and depressed. 
  • Science never lies! Being out in nature can, for example, lead to reduced stress, strengthened cognitive ability, and improved mental health. So let’s keep on being active outdoors even during the winter season!

3 easy tips for creating a routine

  • Once a week: Go stargazing! Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to catch the daylight, but being out in the dark can be so beautiful too! Invest in a headlamp and go out stargazing in the woods. Enjoy the calm of the sleepy forest.

Photo by Sanne Brännström

  • On weekends: Scout for nature reserves around you (your municipality usually has information on their website), bring a group of friends and some food or fika (pro tip! Try our blueberry buns!) to enjoy over an open fire or in your storm kitchen. If you make a fire, be sure only to use fire pits that are allowed to use. Do your research before!

Photo by Sanne Brännström

  • Once a month: why not go cold swimming? Cold swimming has for example been proven to reduce stress and enhance your mood, create better blood circulation, get you to sleep better, and boost your immune system. Sounds lovely, right? It’s also a great way to come closer to nature, challenge yourself, and trust your breathing and body!


 Photo by Sanne Brännström