Astrid Wild's Guide to 5 Beautiful Hiking Trails Around Stockholm

Astrid Wild recommends 5 hiking trails in Stockholm that offers something for everyone - from the curious beginner to the experienced adventurer. Why hike in Stockholm? The city's location between water and greenery makes it perfect for combining city life with nature experiences. Setting out on a hiking trail near Stockholm provides many benefits such as improved health, proximity to beautiful nature, and discovering new places.

Paradisets Nature Reserve

Near Stockholm lies a hidden gem for nature lovers, Paradisets Nature Reserve. The hikes here offers a peaceful retreat from the city's bustle. Here, hikers can enjoy well-preserved forests, open meadows, and idyllic lakes. Getting there is easy, and once there, trails await that wind through varying landscapes. It's a place where you can experience the quiet beauty of Swedish nature. Read more about Paradisets Nature Reserve here.


Björnöslingan is a family-friendly hiking trail near Stockholm that offers beautiful views and easily accesible paths. It's perfect for a day trip with the whole family. The hike takes you through foresys and along waters, with moments of relaxation at picturesque rest areas. Information about directions and higlights along the hiking trail makes it easy to plan your adventure. Read more about Björnöslingan here.


Roslagsleden stretches through Stockholm County and offers a unique combination of nature and history. The hike takes you past historical sites, and through varied landscapes, and provides insight into the region's rich cultural heritage. Key stages and attractions along the along the trail include everything from small villages to magnificent viewpoints. Read more about Roslagsleden here.

Tyresta National Park

Tyresta National Park, a short trip from Stockholm, is a paradise for those seeking hiking in tranquil and unspoiled nature. The national park is home to a large number of lakes, deep forests, and abundant wildlife. Here, there are hiking trails for everyone, from short walks to longer day trips around the sparkling lakes. Read more about Tyresta National Park here

Nacka Reserve, including Hellasgården

Nacka Reserve, near Stockholm, with Hellasgården as a popular feature, is an outdoor area that offers activities year-round. Wheter you're looking for peaceful forest walks along the hiking trails, canoeing, or a swim in the lake, this area offers a delightful experience. Read more about Nacka Reserve here


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