Astrid Wild was started with a simple idea: to set a new standard in world of outdoor clothing. We create chic, feminine and functional wear for women to express their style in all aspects of life, including the outdoors.

We believe that spending time in nature deepens our appreciation of life, and we try to get out as much as we can to feel the wind in our hair and the sun on our face. But as we searched for the appropriate clothing that would take us all the way from the deep forests, to mountain to ski slope to the sea, we couldn’t stop wondering why outdoor wear was generally uninspiring with so few styles to choose from. We researched the matter and learned that the outdoor clothing industry has a heritage of being of been centered around men, and it is also the reason why a majority of brands have more products for men than women.  

Inspired by our dreams, we started sketching what we wanted to wear. It was important that our outdoor clothes would last through rough weather without looking like it was made of tarp. After speaking to 400 women, we teamed up with outdoor-loving designers and Sweden’s best pattern maker, and the Astrid Avant-Garde Outdoor Pant was born. We searched the globe and selected high quality fabrics that are produced close to home and are friendly to nature.

When we found the recycled wool in Italy and technical fabric supplier in Borås, Sweden, we knew we had it. All in all, we want to make responsible choices from materials we choose to the factories we work with. For us, being responsible means continuous development and learning, and we are committed to becoming better every single day.  

Right now the production of the garments is well on it's way in Lithuania. We weren't planning on sharing our baby with the world just yet, but since so many of you asked and we believe in full transparency, we wanted to invite you early on to follow the process.

So please, bear with us. If the website doesn't work perfectly from day 1 we hope you understand that we're a young company figuring things out along the way. We put our hearts and souls into perfecting our products for you to have high quality functional wear.

We're super stoked to get to know you and can’t wait to see you wearing Astrid Wild on your outdoor adventures.


Jemina & Maria

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