Inclusive Outdoors

One step towards a more diverse and inclusive outdoor scene 

Astrid Wild was launched on 7 October 2019, and we’re now one year in on our mission to increase diversity in the outdoor scene, and inspire women to live a happier and healthier life, by connecting with nature. 

Our starting point was listening to 400 women, and learning about their difficulties to find outdoor clothing with the style, fit and size they wanted. There seemed to be a big gap on the market characterised by the outdoor sector being traditionally run by men and clothing designed first for a man’s body. With Astrid Wild, we wanted to fill the void in the market by designing feminine, stylish outdoor clothing with impeccable fit, for women by women. 

Our first collection of game changing designs got instant love from women raving about the sleek design and amazing fit. Today, over 1,000 women across the world are wearing our clothing. Wow!

From the feedback we’ve gotten from our community, we scrutinized ourselves and realized to really be true to our purpose, we needed to take the next step as soon as possible. To challenge the traditional size range and make outdoor clothing accessible to even more women. 

And here we are, all our pants styles will now be produced in size 30 up to size 50 (correlates to approx. XXS to XXL). Extending the size range taking into account that all women are built differently. 

In addition to that, we’ve added women wearing the edge sizes in our product shoots, to visualize our garments on and represent different bodies, not only the 36 sized women so often seen in commercials. Check out our new size guide here

We know that all women still won’t find their size and fit at Astrid Wild, and we’re far from done. This is just a step on the way, and by doing so we hope to influence the whole outdoor scene to be more diverse. We encourage you, our community, to continue voicing your constructive feedback on how you want us to grow and develop. Trust us, we have more news on the horizon that we are eager to show you soon! 

We’ll continue working relentlessly towards our vision of a world where women connect with nature everyday, expressing their own styles and feeling like their true selves.  


Jemina and Maria 

The first pants styles to run in the sizes are the Amelias in green, and Astrid in black. Whenever we restock the other colors, we’ll add the new sizes.